WINFIELD, KANSAS.




I only have two pages of Dockson’s Winfield Directory for 1885.

On Main Street in this area, I have the following businesses cited.

808 Main - Kingsley, John. Painter.

812 Main - Kelly, M. F. Photographer.

811 Main - Cole, D. V. Physician.

812 Main - Pickens, F. M. Physician.

812 Main - States, D. J.

816 Main - Wells, H. L. Physician.

812 Main - Tribune. Printing office of Newspaper.

808 Main - English Kitchen. Restaurant.

808 Main - Burnett & Clark. [English Kitchen Restaurant, I believe.]

823 Main - Goldsmith, Henry. Stationery & Newspapers.

802 Main - Schofield & Applegate - Stables.

806 Main - Gocziewski, J. Tailor.

CONCLUSION: I cannot find “815 Main Street” listed.



Winfield Courier, Thursday, June 4, 1885.

812 Main street is the location of the new clothing store of J. J. Carson & Co.

Winfield Courier, Thursday, January 21, 1886.

You have read what I have to say of cost sales; that I sell goods for profit and buy them so as to compete with the trade. To convince you of these facts, I have bought and will open on Saturday next (and not until then) one case of calico, Ten Yards for 25 Cents.

A double width Cashmere at 25 cents per yard; Alpacas all collars at 10 cents per yard.

Several lines of dry goods at correspondingly low prices. 78 pairs blankets, white and colored, at $2.37; worth $4.00 per pair; 10 dozen Turkish towels at 5 cents each.

A line of Cloaks and Shawls! At less than others can buy them. Ladies’ and Gent’s underwear and a full line of hosiery at prices that will surprise you. Come and be convinced that I can SAVE YOU MONEY!

                                             S. KLEEMAN, 813 Main Street.

Winfield Courier, Thursday, January 28, 1886.

                                                         M. HAHN & CO.

                                                        819 MAIN STREET.