Winfield Courier, December 18, 1884.

The A. C. Democrat gets the following historical information from the first biennial report of the state board of agriculture. It will be read with interest by all identified with Cowley’s pioneer days.

                                                            First settlements:

Creswell Township, fall of 1869, by Henry Endicott Sr., and Larkin Moyers.

Dexter Township, January 6, 1870, by James Cloud and family.

Silverdale Township, December 1869, by George B. Green and Russell Damewood.

Tisdale Township, fall of 1870, John Phillips.

                                                             First Churches:

Arkansas City, 1873, Free Church of Arkansas City.

Winfield City, 1871, Methodist.

                                                          First schoolhouses:

Creswell Township, Arkansas City, 1871, by district No. 2.

Dexter Township, 1872, district No. 5.

Silverdale Township, 1872, district No. 28.

Tisdale Township, 1872, district No. 42.

Winfield Township, 1872, district No. 1.

                                                     First business established:

Creswell Township, general country store, by Norton Bros.

Dexter Township, general country store, Tyler & Evans.

Silverdale Township, general country store, S. C. Winton.

Tisdale Township, J. A. McGuire.

                                                             First marriage:

Creswell Township, John Brown and Eva Woolsey, October 30, 1870.

Silverdale Township, Elie C. Cranston and Esther Bennet, November 7, 1870.

Tisdale Township, Berry Chance and Tirlie [?Tillie?] Moore, July 30, 1872.

Winfield Township, A. A. Jackson and G. A. Kelsey, September 4, 1870.

                                                                First births:

Creswell Township, Creswell Grote.

Dexter Township, S. F. Graham.

Silverdale Township, George Fetterman.

Tisdale Township, Willie C. Bryant.

                                                            First post office:

Creswell Township, Arkansas City, G. H. Norton, postmaster.

Dexter Township, Dexter, September, 1870, T. H. Todd, postmaster.

Silverdale Township, 1872, John Kennedy, postmaster.

Tisdale Township, Tisdale, 1871, John A. McGuire, postmaster.

Cowley County was organized in 1870.