ANOTHER GOOD ENTERPRISE.

                  The Kansas National Guard’s Association of Winfield Organized.

                                                       An Armory and Hall.

Winfield Courier, Thursday, July 2, 1885.

The charter of “The Kansas National Guards Association,” of Winfield, has been filed with the Secretary of State. The corporation is formed for the purpose of purchasing ground and the creation of a building to be used as an armory. It is formed for a term of twenty-one years, and its capital stock is ten thousand dollars, divided into one hundred shares of one hundred dollars each. It is made up of Company C. K. N. G., containing sixty members, and St. John’s Battery Company, of thirty-three members. It is controlled by six directors, those chosen for the first year being Thomas J. Harris, Frank W. Finch, C. E. Steuven, N. A. Haight, O. Trump, and W. E. Tansey. This is a splendid move, one that should receive the hearty co-operation of every citizen. We have the oldest and best drilled militia company in the State, composed of enterprising, reliable, and energetic men. Under the law passed by the late legislature, every militia company of the State is furnished full uniforms and $100 a year for armory rent. We have half of the only artillery company in the State, with the Captain, N. A. Haight, and First Lieutenant, W. E. Tansey. Cities in different parts of the State have been trying to get our battery; but owing to both our militia and artillery companies being the oldest and best drilled, Capt. Tansey, representing Winfield before The State Militia Board last month, held the captain and lieutenant, two guns, and half the State company here. The other half was stationed at Topeka. But in order to hold the prestige now established, we must have an armory, and this corporation is intent on having it. The members propose to construct a stone building one hundred feet long, two stories, the upper a splendid hall, suitable for any entertainment. They expect our citizens to go in and help them—take a number of shares and boost it in word and action. We think our people will recognize, at once, the benefit of such a building and offer without reluctance a friendly hand. The Directors of this association met last night and elected W. E. Tansey, president; Frank W. Finch, secretary; and Tom J. Harris, treasurer.

                                 APPEAL TO THE CITIZENS OF WINFIELD.

Winfield Courier, Thursday, July 9, 1885.

The National Guards, as will be seen by THE DAILY COURIER of June 30th, and the Battery and Infantry Companies have organized themselves together for the purpose of building a drill hall and armory. These companies are enterprises which should receive the hearty support of every loyal citizen of Winfield. If the boys should ask you for a little money to aid in this enterprise, they should receive encouragement of the most substantial kind. Aid the boys, not only with words of cheer, but with your money as well. These companies are composed chiefly of the laboring men of Winfield, who are willing to do all they can toward the erection of this building, but as their means are limited, they alone cannot give the required amount, so that the building could not be completed without outside aid. Cowley County is going to have an armory, and the National Guards mean that Winfield shall have it. Therefore, be ye ready when the Committee from the Company shall wait on you, to give them the support which they not only need but deserve, as well, and the boys will put up a building which will be a credit to our city.

                                       Miliary and Battery Companies of Winfield.