Tisdale Township.

Tisdale Township 1874: Wm. Andrew, 43; spouse, Sarah J., 42.

Kansas 1875 Census, Tisdale Township, Cowley County, March 1, 1875.

Name age sex color Place/birth Where from

Wm. Andrew 46 m w Ohio Illinois

S. J. Andrew 43 f w South Carolina Illinois

R. E. Andrew 17 f w Illinois Illinois

N. B. Andrew 15 f w Illinois Illinois

A. J. Andrew 13 f w Illinois Illinois

J. E. Andrew 10 m w Illinois Illinois

W. E. Andrew 5 m w Illinois Illinois

Tisdale Township 1878 or 1879:

Wm. Andrew, 48; spouse, S. J., 46. P. O. New Salem.

Tisdale Township 1880: Wm. Andrew, 48; spouse, Sarah J., 45.



Winfield Courier, April 18, 1878.

W. Andrew, witness fee.

The appointment of C. C. Krow, William Andrew, and O. P. Miller as appraisers of n. of ne. , and s. of se. , and w. of n w. of sec. 16, twp. 31, range 5, was approved.


Winfield Courier, May 1, 1879.

CIVIL DOCKET. EIGHTH DAY. S. L. Brettun vs. Wm. Andrew et al.