The Daily Courier


The Winfield Daily Courier, Saturday, December 23, 1893.


Wilbur Norton and Morgan Wright are Both Found Guilty of Murder

in the First Degree.

The murderers of Capt. H. H. Siverd have been found guilty of murder in the first degree, and must now pay the penalty for committing one of the most horrible crimes ever perpetrated in the history of Cowley County. Last October Constable H. H. Siverd arrested, after a severe struggle, Wilbur Norton and on the way to the county jail was met by Norton’s pall, who drew a revolver and taking deliberate aim, fired the shot that killed one of the noblest, bravest, and best loved men that the citizens ever knew. They were both promptly arrested and placed in the county jail and yesterday the first of the criminals was found guilty of murder in the first degree by a jury of twelve honest citizens of the county.

Immediately after the close of Wright’s trial, that of Norton’s was begun and was continued until 10:30 last evening when the state rested their side and this morning the council for the defense brought forward their witnesses. They finished their side of the examination at 10:30 o’clock this morning after which J. C. Pollock began the plea for the state. He was followed by John Cogdal on behalf of the defense. Prosecuting Attorney Scott closed the case for the state in a masterpiece of oratory and an able address. He reviewed the case from the beginning up to the close of the evidence taken, and the verdict rendered by the jury is in a great part due to the speech of Geo. W. Scott. The jury was out but thirty minutes when they returned and the clerk read the verdict above given.

Although there could have been but little room for the defense and the evidence was all plain, the prosecution conducted by W. P. Hackney, Madden & Buckman, and Geo. W. Scott in the case of Morgan Wright, while Geo. W. Scott made one of the best and most able prosecutions in the last case, assisted by J. C. Pollock, that has been made for a number of years in the Cowley County courtroom.

The sentence will probably be pronounced by Judge Jackson, sometime next week, and will bring to a close one of the most daring and heartless murders ever committed in this state.

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