The Daily Courier


The Winfield Daily Courier, Wednesday, December 20, 1893.


Morgan Wright, the Murderer of Constable Siverd, On Trial for His Life.

Court convened at 9 o’clock this morning with the case of the State vs. Morgan Wright on the docket. The readers of the COURIER are all familiar with the history of the crime wherein Captain Siverd was foully murdered while in the discharge of his duty. Morgan Wright was arrested as the murderer and Wilber Norton as his accomplice. The men were given a preliminary examination before Judge Ingman and were bound over to the district court. Both the prisoners were brought before Judge Jackson, charged with murder in the first degree, and both plead not guilty. The trial of Morgan Wright was then begun and Norton will be tried as soon as Wright’s trial is over. County Attorney Scott is prosecuting, being assisted by W. P. Hackney and Madden & Buckman. O. M. Seward is conducting the defense for Wright, Smith & Cogdal are attorneys for Norton. All the afternoon has been consumed in getting a jury and at the time of going to press a jury had not been secured.


The court is still trying to obtain a jury in the Wright case as we go to press.

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