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The Winfield Daily Courier, Saturday, October 28, 1893.


Captain Siverd carried insurance to the amount of $4,000 in the Masonic and A. O. U. W. lodges.

The Winfield Daily Courier, Saturday, October 28, 1893.

In Memorium.

In order to commemorate the sad death of officer Siverd, the citizens of Cowley County have decided to erect a monument to his memory. There will be a meeting of the people of this county at the city building Monday night at 7 o’clock to appoint committees and select the site. Let all our people come out. The following sum has already been subscribed without any solicitation:

W. P. Hackney $50.00

COURIER Co. $50.00

P. H. Albright & Co. $50.00

W. C. Robinson $50.00

Wm. E. Otts $50.00

J. M. Conklin $50.00

The Winfield Daily Courier, Saturday, October 28, 1893.

From Perry.

Perry, O. T. Oct. 26th, 1893.

EDITOR WINFIELD COURIER. Emotion overcomes me. I have this moment learned of the murder of my dear friend Captain Siverd. This is terrible news to me. Capt. Siverd was, in my estimation, the second best friend I had enumerated amongst my friends of all Kansas, and as I have learned it, it is one of the foulest murders that has occurred in all Kansas in my recollection. I desire to say to you, and all the good people of old Cowley County that the man who has fallen by the assassin’s bullet was the best friend that any man could enumerate amongst his category of friends. His friends were my friends and his assassin’s friends are my deadly enemies. Kindly print each and every word of this slight communication, and in addition say that if justice in the shape of iron hands do not overtake his slayer, his friends will. I have the honor to be your friend.


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