Bahntge Brothers Time Line

June 27 1878 Mr. H. Bahntge buys sw corner of Manin and tenth. To erect brick and stone building, 25 x 100 two stories.

July 11, 1878 J. E. Platter and wife to H. Bahntge, lot1, block 110, Winfield, $1,000

Nov. 21, 1878 L. J. Webb has fitted up Room No. of Bahntge's ne brick for a law office. Henry Bahntge gone to Charleston, SC for two months.

Dec. 5, 1878 Mr. C. F. Bahntge is one of the finest penmen in the city. Mr. Geo. L. Walker is emploey to run Bahntge Bros. grocery.

Jan 2, 1879 Bahntge Bros. are in the grocery business.

Feb. 4, 1879 Charles F. Bahntge marries Alice D. Morford of Joplin, MO.

May 1, 1879 Webb forms partnership with R. S. Graham. still in room 1, of Bahntge building.

June 12, 1879 J. P. Baden rents Bahntge building.

June 19, Mr. Moffitt, father-in-law of Mr. Chas. Bahntge, has been visiting for past few days.

July 3, 1879 Mr. and Mrs Chas. Bahntge start for Charleston, South Carolina. wished much joy in their southern home.

July 10, 1879 J. P Baden takes charge of Bahntge store and expects to move in dry goods.

July 17, 1879 Graham & Webb disolve partnership. Webb swaps offfices with Gilbert and Jarvis, moves to No. 3. in Bahntge building.

July 31, 1879 A. T. Spotswood & Co. (groceries) moves into new Bahntge building (25 x 60) just south of first Bahntge building.

Jan 8, 1880 Mr. Chas. Bahntge and lady have returned to reside in town. Mr. Bahntge has been engagted as assistant bookkeeper in Read's Bank.

Nov. 25, 1880, Bahntge & Bro. have sold out their splendid proberty, corner of 19th and Main to a Mr. McDonald.

Dec. 9, 1880, Lovell H. Webb (younger brother of Leland J. Webb) moves office from Bahntge block to rooms over Read's Bank.

Feb 3, 1881 Charley Bahntge is making arrangements to build a handsom residence near Will Baird's on 12th avenue.

April 21, 1881 Group of people go to Topeka and Kansas City to vote A. T. & S. F. stock owned by Cowley county, Bahntges included.

June 30, 1881 Mrs. Charles Bahntge and baby left for Joplin Monday.

July 28, 1881, Big party at Sphtswoods, Mr. & Mrs. Bahntge attend.

Aug. 11, 1881 Harry Bahntge runs the fine billiar rooms of the Brettun House.

Oct. 6, 1881 Harry Bahntge fined $100 for selling liquor at the Brettun House (hotel).

Oct. 27 1881 Big Weddign, Fred. C. Hunt and Sarah Hodges. Bahntges attend.

Nov 10, 1881 Miss Morford, of Joplin, visiting her sister, Mrs. Bahntge.

Nov. 24, 1881 New lodge called National Union. C. H. Bahntge vice-president.

Dec. 22, 1881 Annual meeting of the Knights of Honor, C. F. Bahntge elected officer.

Jan. 12, 1882 Chas. F. Bahntge elected Vice President of Ivanhoe Club. Miss Berta Morford, sister of Mrs. Chas. Bahntge retorns to Joplin, Missouri after a two week visit.

Jan. 26, 1882, Mr. Ed Roland gives phantom party at Mrs. Millingtons, Bahntges attend.

March 16, 1882. Drama "Esmeralda" presented by Ladies Library Assoc. C. F. Bahntge is "OldMan" Rogers

March 30, 1882 Harry Bahntge buys a $500 buggy from Cal Ferguson

April 13, 1882 Mrs. Chas. Bahntge visits family in joplin, Missouri.

April 20, 1882 Mr. & Mrs. J. C. Fuller, throw big party, Bahntges attend. James Lorton present.

May 18, 1882 Mr. & Mrs. Charles Bahntge throw a big party.

May 25, 1882 Harry Bahntge buys a half section of Richland Township land from Archie Stewart.

June 1, 1882 Mrs. Bahntge throws a party. Mr. and Mrs. Geo. M. Whitney of Wichita attend.

June 8, 1882 Mrs. Bahntge and Prespyterian ladies raise money for wall paper for the Church at a party at the Opera House.

June 29, 1882 Charlie in again at his post in Read's Bank after a severe attack of bilious fever.

Jan 4, 1883 Young Men's Social Club has Masqueerade Ball. Success do to untiring energy of Mr. Chas Bahntge.

Jan 18, 1883 Miss Bert Morford of Joplin, Missouri is here visiting her sister, Mrs. Charlie Bahntge.

Jan 23, 1883 Anti-Prohibition petition to Sen. W. P. Hackney. signed by Chas. F. Bahntge et. al.

April 26, 1883 Ivanhoe Club to meet at home of Mrs. C. F. Bahntge.

May 7, 1883 Winfield Water Company condemnation request for dirversion of Walnut River. Chas. F. Bahntge, Secretary. Attest: L. H. Webb, City Clerk.

May 17, 1883 Editorial Convention. Homer Fuller, W. H. Smith and C. F. Bahntge are complimented for their many kind attentions to guests.

Sept. 6, 1883 Charlie Bahntge leaves for a trip to Baltimore today. He will be absent some weeks.

Sept 27, 1883 Millington (editor of Courier) takes a big trip east. Meets C. Bahntge in Baltimore and again in New York.

Nov 29, 1883 Lively party at Dr. & Mrs. Geo. Emerson. Bahntges in attendance

Jan 17, 1884 Plesant Hour Club has Masquerade Ball. Bahntges in attendance. Geo. W. Miller (101 Ranch) as Old Father Hubbard, had a most ridiculous make-up.

Feb. 27 1884 D. L. Kretsinger is this day appointed Superintendent of the Winfield Water Company. Chas. F. Bahntge, Secretary.

March 13, 1884 Miss B. Moffitt (should be Monford) from Joplin, will make her home hereafter in this city with her sister, Mrs. C. F. Bahntge. Mrs. Dr. Emerson and Mrs. Chas F. Bahntge took a little pleasure and business tour to Kansas City last week, returning one day this week.

April 24, 1884 Frank Barclay is fitting pipe for water and steam in Charley Bahntge's fine residence.

Gas service to the city will be turned on within 60 days.

May 15, 1884 Fred Bahntge, of Charleston, SC on visit.

June 24, 1884 Read's Bank closes and the First National Bank of Winfield, Kansas is organized out of the assets of Read's Bank.

July 12, 1884 Mrs, Alice D. (Morford) Bahntge, wife of Charles F. Bahntge dies suddenly.

July 14, 1884 First National Bank of Winfield, Kansas opens. Charles F. Bahntge teller and stockholder.

Sept. 25, 1884 George Bahntge of Charleston, SC. is spending some weeks in town.

Oct. 2, 1884 Bahntge (Harry) and Kates & Co exhibit one cow and win $41 at Cowley County Fair.

Dec. 25 1884 Charles F. Bahntge left for Charlestone, SC father not expected to live but a short time.

Jan 15, 1885 Winfield Building and Loan Assoc. annual stockholders meeting. C. F. Bahntge on new Board of Directory.

May 21, 1885 Mather Anderson and wife sell lots to Chas. F. Bhantge for $3,000.

May 21, 1885 Meeting to start college.

July 2, 1885 Mary F. Davis and husband to Chas F. Bahntge, se qr 22-32-s-4e, 160 acres: $11,500.

July 2, 1885 Chas. F. Bahntge, to The College Town Company, se qr 22-32-s-4e: $22,400.

July 9, 1885 Spotswoods throw part for visiting nieces. Bert Morford and Harry Bahntge in attendance. No sign of C. F. Bahntge.

July 23, 1885 Miss Nona Calhoun, of Maysville, KY. a cousin of Miss Bert Morford is visinting in the home of Chas. F. Bahntge.

July 30, 1885 Chas. F. Bahntge is listed as a director of The First National Bank of Winfield, KS.

July 30, 1885 Dance at Rink. Harry Bahntge and Bert Morford listed as attending. No Charlie Bahntge.

Sept. 17 1885 Mention of Baron Bahntge (son of C. F. Bahntge)

Sept 24, 1885 Group visits Ponca indians in territory. List Bert Morford, and Mr. Harry Bahntge. Got home Friday after a visit of 5 days.

Oct. 15, 1885 Wedding of Mr. Ezra M. Nixon and Miss Jessie Millington. C. F. Bahntge in attendance.

Dec. 24, 1885 Knights of Pythias Ball. (Joint between Ark City & Winfield) Chas. & Harry Bahntge in attendance.

Jan 7, 1886 Wedding of Mr. B. W. Matlack and Miss Gertrude McMullen. Harry Bahntge gave a gold and pearl pen holder. James Lorton attending. (I believe that James Lorton was living with the McMullens at this time.)

Jan 7, 1886 New Years Eve party. G. O. Club Ball. Guests Bert Morford, Chas. F. and Harry Bahntge.

Jan. 7, 1886 Pary by Mr. & Mrs. M. L. Robinson. Guests Chas. F. and Harry Bahntge.

Jan 14, 1886 Marie, 10 month old daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Fred Bahntge dies after two day illness.

Jan 28, 1886. Bal Masque of the Pleasant Hour Club at the Opera House

Feb. 18, 1886 G. O. Club meets at home of C. F. Bahntge. Entertainment by Misses Bert Morford and Nona Calhoun and Messrs. Chas. F. and Harry Bahntge.

Feb. 25, 1886 Geo. W. Miller (101 Ranch) 44th Birthday Party.C. F. Bahntge, Harry Bahntge, Bert Morford, Nona Calhoun etc.

March 18, 1886 G. O. Club Party at home Miss Anna Hunt. Guests Chas. F. and Harry Bahntge. James Lorton

Arkansas City Republican, Saturday, September 4, 1886. From Thursday's Daily.

We are reliably informed that it was discovered this morning that C. F. Bahntge is a defaulter in the First National Bank of Winfield to the amount of $6,000.

File on Bahntge Family in Cowley County