Book reveals some Indians were Masons.

June 2000 — The Kansas Mason Page 3

Letter to the Editor


Dear Sirs,

As I am now reading a very interesting book written by a local woman, her late husband, and a friend who now lives in Texas, I feel that the excerpt from the local newspaper which is also attached here would be of great interest to other brother Masons. The book is entitled "History of Cowley County Kansas," Volume Two "The Indians." Well worth the reading as it is most knowledgeable regarding Kansas and especially for us who live in Cowley County.

Through permission of Mrs. Mary Ann Wortman, I am enclosing what I thought would be of special interest to my brother Masons.


Fitzgerald F. Harder

Crescent Lodge #133

Arkansas City, Kans.


Arkansas City Traveler, Feb. 23, 1876

Among the Osages are Masons, which it would seem could hardly be creditable, but it is nevertheless a fact. It is supposed they were taken in by the Order of the French, in the early days, and they return part of the working of the craft to this day.

As proof of this, Mr. Hiatt (who is a member of the Commandery) was asked to walk out one day by a more than intelligent Indian. After walking some distance the Indian motioned for him to sit down. He could not speak a word of English. Mr. Hiatt sat down, and after strict trial, found the red man to be a Master Mason.

We have been informed that among the Cheyennes there are also Masons — which goes to show that they are adept in secret orders, and pride themselves in secrecy. There are many remarkable traits yet with our red brethren, which would make a volume of history if properly understood.

Among the Pawnees, who grace our streets every day, are men who have responsible positions of trust in times of trouble, and whose experience would be a lesson to the work, could it be given as they only give it to those of their own kin.

There is a vast study and wide scope of philanthropist in this region, of which few avail themselves, when it is within a stones throw of our door.

Mr. John Florer came in from the plains last Friday. The Osages made a very poor hunt, and returned home very much chagrined.


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