Winfield, Kansas.

Winfield 1878: J. H. Olds, 50; spouse, E. E. Olds, 45.

1880 Winfield Directory.

OLDS, J. H., Eighth Avenue Hotel, 8th avenue, s. w. corner Fuller.

THE EIGHTH AVENUE HOTEL. This elegantly fitted up establishment was formerly known as the Olds House, and under that name has won great popularity.

Mr. J. H. Olds, the proprietor, is an experienced hotel man having been engaged in this business for some years in New York. He owned the American House originally, and ran it for some time, afterward starting the Olds House, now the popular Eighth Avenue Hotel. This hotel is complete in all its arrangements, and the building is a very elegant structure, surrounded with handsome grounds, which are now being fitted up. The table is everything that could be desired, and the hostess, Mrs. Olds, is a courteous and accommodating lady who takes pride in pleasing her guests and providing them with every comfort.


EIGHTH AVENUE HOTEL, J. H. Olds, proprietor; 8th avenue, corner Fuller.

Note: Under Leaders, there is a separate file on Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Olds....


First to appear in Winfield: Mrs. E. E. Olds [Mrs. J. H. Olds]...

Winfield Courier, October 4, 1877.

Mrs. E. E. Olds, milliner and dress maker, appears with a new card in the supplement. She is a newcomer, but has had long experience in her business.

MRS. E. E. OLDS, Dealer in Millinery, fancy goods, dress making, and hair work.

Main Street, 2 doors north of Bliss, Earnest & Co.'s store, Winfield, Kansas.

Note: Bliss, Earnest & Co.'s store was located on the west side of Main Street, between 9th and 10th Avenues.

Winfield Courier, April 11, 1878.

Mrs. E. E. Olds has just received a large stock of fashionable Millinery goods and will sell at lower prices than are obtained elsewhere. She invites ladies to call and examine her goods.

Mrs. E. E. Olds takes on a partner: Miss Lena Curry.

[Ads indicate "Misses Olds and Curry." This is wrong! Mrs. Olds should have been used for senior partner.]

Winfield Courier, April 25, 1878.

Misses Olds & Curry have a fine lot of millinery goods.

Winfield Courier, May 2, 1878.

MISSES OLDS & CURRY have just received a large stock of fashionable MILLINERY GOODS, and will sell at lower prices than are OBTAINED ELSEWHERE. She invites the ladies to call and examine her goods.

Winfield Courier, September 12, 1878.

MILLINERY. Misses Olds & Curry have just received a large stock of Millinery, which they are selling at the lowest prices. Ladies will do well to call and examine before buying elsewhere.

Winfield Courier, October 3, 1878.

Miss Lena Curry has gone to Mound City to spend a few weeks and attend her sister's wedding.

Winfield Courier, November 7, 1878.

Miss Lena Curry has returned from her visit to Mound City.

Miss Lena Curry departs without anything being said about her before March 1879. She was not listed in early census nor was she ever listed in Winfield Directory.

Winfield Courier, March 13, 1879.

Mrs. Anna Harris has succeeded Misses Olds & Curry in the Millinery business. Mrs. Harris is a first-class milliner and persons desiring goods in that line should call on her.

AD: Mrs. Anna Harris, Milliner. Having purchased the millinery stock of the firm of Misses Olds & Curry, I shall put in a New Stock of Goods, and shall keep a full line of First Class Millinery Goods and Fancy Notions. Hats and Bonnets Trimmed. Dressmaking. Remember the place: two doors north of Bliss & Co.'s. Winfield.