Cowley County Courant, March 16, 1882.
Dr. and Mrs. Mendenhall, of Winfield, paid Mrs. Mendenhall's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Capps a short visit last week. The doctor has invested four thousand dollars in cattle and is now a full fledged "cow-man," as well as a first-class physician. Wellingtonian.
Cowley County Courant,
June 29, 1882.
Doctor Mendenhall now has a fine ranche on Beaver creek, near the state line. He has a herd of cattle embracing upwards of three hundred head, and all in fine condition. He, in company with Mr. Conklin, returned on Thursday from a four day's trip to the Osage Agency, where the Doctor was obliged to go to renew his permit. The council commenced on Tuesday and there were about two thousand Indians present.
Dr. Mendenhall: 4500 acre ranch, eastern half of Kansas...
Winfield Courier, December 21, 1882.
A Large Ranch. Doctor Mendenhall of this city has probably the largest ranch in the east half of Kansas. It commences about thirty miles southwest of Winfield and embraces upwards of forty-five hundred acres, being two and three-quarters miles wide and four and a-half miles long, the south line being the Indian Territory. It is all splendidly watered, and in the middle of the tract there is a large area of Timber. We understand it is the intention of the Doctor to place it all under fence before spring.
Winfield Courier, May 3, 1883.
Notice to Trespassers. All persons are hereby forbidden to trespass upon my land in Township 35 of ranges 7 and 8 in Cedar Township, Cowley County, either by permitting stock to range thereon or by cutting or carrying away timber of any kind. All trespassers will be prosecuted to the extent of the law. A liberal reward will be paid for information leading to conviction of such trespasses. W. S. MENDENHALL.
Winfield Courier, Thursday, March 18, 1886.
Our Land Slides Monday represent the biggest sale of land yet made in Cowley, six thousand acres for fifty-eight thousand dollars! Five years or more ago Dr. Mendenhall and J. E. Conklin bought at special U. S. sale this tract of land in Cedar township, for one dollar an acre. It is rough and fit for nothing but grazing excepting a patch here and there. They held it two or three years and sold it to the New Jersey Cattle Company, a corporation chartered under the laws of New Jersey. They got seven dollars an acrea nice little profit of thirty-six thousand dollars, barring a thousand dollars or so for taxes. Now the New Jersey Cattle Company have sold the tract to Manning S. Coules, a heavy capitalist of Rich Hill, Missouri, getting $9.66½ an acrea nice little profit of sixteen thousand dollars, with a small subtraction for taxes. C. M. Scott, at the same special U. S. sale, bought 4,000 acres in Silverdale township of the same kind of land at one dollar an acre. He has been offered eight dollars an acre and wouldn't take it.