Railroad Workers with Hand Car
photo interpretation provided by Gary Mang, Manager of Track Maintainence, Union Pacific Railroad, Chicago, IL. (Gary also races hand cars.)


  • wrrwhca.jpg The image above House for handcar, note rails perpendicular to track running into doors of building for storing handcar. Probably had office inside also.
  • wrrwhcb.jpg Boxes on the right end of the hand car which look like lunch pails.
  • wrrwhcc.jpg Detail of the wheel on the right and gears under the car. Note unique style of the spokes, probably indicates local casting and the car was manufactured locally.
  • wrrwhcd.jpg Detail of left wheel and brake mechanism. Note pedal and linkage and brake shoe.
  • wrrwhce.jpg Two men on the left.
  • wrrwhcf.jpg Three men on the right. Guy on left is without coat. Note logo on chest of guy at right.
  • wrrwhcg.jpg Tools stacked around the pump handel, shovels, picks.
  • wrrwhch.jpg Center guys coat on floor of cart, two iron poles wraped in canvas, pick.
  • wrrwhci.jpg Ties on left.
  • wrrwhcj.jpg Ties on mid left.
  • wrrwhck.jpg Ties on mid-right, brakes, gears.
  • wrrwhcl.jpg Ties on far-right, stuff by house.
  • wrrwhcm.jpg Hills in background.

  • This image of a pre-civil war handcar is from the Library of Congress Collection

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