Winfield, Kansas and Cowley County

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Photo courtesy of the Cowley County Museum

The first telegraph arrived in Winfield, September 25, 1879
The first train reached Winfield, September 30, 1879

On that day 4,000 people arrived on two trains from Wichita. A parade was held from the depot to the fairgrounds. Attendees cheered their favorite baseball team as Wichita played Winfield. Winfield won the game (anyone know the score?)and afterward a ball was held at Manning's Opera House.

The first construction boom on Main Street occured in 1871, and the present dimensions of the downtown area took form. Dedicated planning over the next eight years resulted in the arrival of new technologies of communication and transportation in september of 1879. Since that time the progression of these technologies has been important to the citizens of the area. This document presents some of the people and products that have led up to the present.

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Early Aviation

Main Street


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My appreciation to Bob Hartung of the Cowley County Museum and to Jim Davis of Winfield for providing much of this material. Many of these pictures have been only minimally identified. I would appreciate any further information which somebody out there may have or may recognize in the pictures. This is a work in progress and will progress much better with more insights from other people. I am doing it because I am interested, not because of knowledge. There are a few mysteries about some things and these are pointed out. If you have any knowledge or insights or other material which could be included please contact me.

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