Electric Interurban Trolley, Winfield, KS. circa 1912
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  1. w05msa.jpg The Image Above
  2. w05msb.jpg Owl Cigar Sign on R. B. Bird Drug Store.
  3. w05msc.jpg Top of First National Bank Building, built in 1886)
  4. w05msd.jpg Sign on Alexander Block, built 1896
  5. w05mse.jpg Scene down East 9th St., towards Courier building, book store, fresh foods, drugs signs.
  6. w05msf.jpg Detail of front 2/3's of Electric Street Car.
  7. w05msg.jpg Upper two stories of the bank, above the entrance.
  8. w05msh.jpg Detail of Dentist's office sign above bank entrance on 2nd floor. Who was it?
  9. w05msi.jpg S. C. Black Hardware Store Sign & Awning with hay wagon in street.
  10. w05msj.jpg Detail of hay wagon and carriage behind it.
  11. w05msk.jpg Detail of wagon in lower right foreground.
  12. w05msl.jpg Detail of wagon at lower left foreground.
  13. w05msm.jpg Detail of Men in font of bank on bench. Sign says WS DEP...?

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