Further Models and Scenes and an Animation of the Old Santa Fe Passenger Depot in Winfield, KS.


Animation for those who find motion easier for depth perception than stereo.

This is version 14 as seen from a passing train, at night. Low res, but small file. Plays well when you boost the resolution X2. Most multimedia player programs should handle it. If you have problems, let me know. This is an experiment. On my system, which is running Netscape 3.0, the .avi file loads directly into the browser and you have to right click to get a menu which says "play". On others it may load directly into your media player, if your system is configured for this to happen, or it may simply prompt you for a file name to save to, so you can invoke it from your player manually. Good luck.

The Site of the Santa Fe Passenger Depot Today.
South of 14th Street, just east of the levee, on the west side of Winfield, Kansas.

This is the view of the old Santa Fe Passenger Depot
Site, looking east from the levee, south of 14th Street.

This is the sign telling passengers (if there were any) that they are, indeed, in Winfield. The fenced storage area in the background is the site of the old foundation.

A little further back toward 14th Street.

A current day train passing the old site.

No passengers in sight at this site. Note the old brick paving, under the asphault in the driveway.

Original Architects Drawing of Santa Fe Passenger Depot

WSFSTA.JPG 1868x1085 Image 200,226 bytes
WSFSTB.JPG 640x480 Image 34,920 bytes
WSFSTS.JPG 160x93 Image above

Thanks to Jim Davis of Winfield for the photographs, taken in April, '97.
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