West Winfield Bank, Herkimer County, New York
Five Dollar Demand Bearer Note
March 15, 1862

Other States besides Kansas had towns named Winfield as evidenced in this note from The West Winfield Bank, Herkimer County, New York. Prior to President Lincoln signing the National Banking Law, banks printed and circulated there own notes. These notes are now generally known as obsolete or broken bank notes. Unfortunately many of these banks were not very reputable, and in order for someone to redeem the note in gold or silver they would end up riding 20 to 30 miles out into the wilderness to search for the redemption bank. It was this practice, and other less scrupulous deeds that helped bring about the National Banking Law.

The quality and subjects of the engravings on the note are interesting.

The quality of the artwork was probably intended to offset the questionable value of the note!

City Maps of Winfield in the 1870's
Twenty Dollar Bank Note from Cowley County National Bank Winfield 1911

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