The McMullen/Miller/Hiatt House in 1878

The Residence of J. C. McMullen, later owned by Geo. W. Miller and family (of 101 Ranch fame) and after Mr. Millers death in 1903 by the Hiatt family. Today it is usually referred to as the Hiatt House. This sketch may have been derived from the architects drawing, because this is not the way the house was built.

Kathleen M. Janisse, a descendent of Mr. Mc Mullen writes:

Col. John C. McMullen (a lawyer and banker)apparently admired the design of J.C. Fuller's home and "borrowed" the plans but made it even bigger! The homes do resemble each other and it apparently caused quite a fiasco even back then. This fact is also mentioned in the present day tour brochure on the Homes of Winfield. The Hiatt family apparently added the front curved porch to the home to give it a different facade/look. The J.C. Fuller home was later painted entirely white by another doctor who owned it. A photo of this is at the Cowley Co. Historical Center. This home has since been sandblasted back to its original brick color.

The newspapers during this time compared the cost of Col. J.C.'s home (~$13,000) to the cost of building The Opera House (~$10,000)!! With no railroad available, the supplies had to be brought by wagons. There were several buildings including servant's quarters and a barn. There were ?2
fires where supplies and then buildings were lost.

The pictures above were taken in August, 1997 and show that the house was not constructed as the sketch above would indicate. This is probably due to the fact that the house was constructed after the sketch was made.

The birds-eye view of the house, shown at the right, places the house a little too far to the left, or north, compared to where it is today. The street on the right is 9th.