On Wednesday evening, Prof. Norton lectured upon "The Great Republic." The lecturer discussed various evils affecting modern society, including war, the diversity of languages, restraints upon commerce, our imperfect system of weights, measures, and coinage, and the discordant relations between labor and capital. He then spoke of the remedies which may be applied to these evils. The British Parliament is moving in behalf of international high court, which shall arbitrate between nations, and make an end of war. The Japanese are now likely to adopt an improved form of the English language, with a phonetic alphabet and regularized verbs, which is likely to become universal in the far east and ultimately all over the world. The tendency of the times is towards free trade, cooperation between capital and labor, and to universal adoption of the French Metric System and a uniform coinage all over the world. The lecturer showed that this would practically change the world into one Great Republic and pictured the grand effect of this harmonious union upon human progress.

Upon Friday evening he lectured upon "The Nebular Hypothesis," analyzing the structure of the universe, its method of growth, and the complete harmony between Genesis and geological science.