Arkansas City Republican, July 24, 1886.

Ned Buntline Dead.

Stamford, New York, July 17. Ed Judson, ANed Buntline,@ the story writer, died of heart disease at his home here yesterday afternoon. He was 64 years of age. When a boy President VanBuren sent him a commission as midshipman for heroic conduct in rescuing a crew of a boat down by Fulton ferry, which had been lost on east river. His first story was AThe Captain=s Pig,@ published in the Knickerbocker magazine, and under the name of Ned Buntline, in 1838, when in his fifteenth year. This sketch brought notoriety to the writer and fighter, who subsequently received as high as $60,000 a year from the products of his brain and pen. Once under pressure, he wrote a book of 610 pages in sixty-two hours, scarcely sleeping or eating during that time.