Its Perambulations in Cowley County.

Ever since the creation of the world, it has been the custom to tell ghost stories, and of the rattling of chains, etc. But our story is of a milder nature.

About two miles and a half northeast of Tisdale, in Cowley County, lives a family by the name of Mulford. They came from Iowa about two years ago. They are all consistent members of the Methodist church, and have never believed in spiritualism or in the many ghost stories so often told.

But about three weeks ago, after returning from evening service, Mrs. Mulford says she was unable to go to sleep, and, from some unknown reason, she had laid awake until the clock was just striking twelve, when the door opened softly, and by the light of the moon, she saw a most beautiful woman with dark eyes, pale face, dressed in a loose flowing robe, and her hair falling down over her shoulders in dark, rich folds. She says at first she was so surprised that she knew not what to do or say; but after a little reflection, she felt sure of the protection of Providence, and determined to speak to the object, let it be woman, devil, or ghost.

She spoke and asked the mission of the strange being. And the lady in black approached her, walking softly and majestically, and said about twenty-three years ago, my husband and I were returning from California, and we were pursued and captured by Indians, but we escaped and traveled night and day, leaving the regular trail, expecting to elude them, but were finally over-taken on a certain high point on the Mulford farm. She described it so minutely that Mrs. Mulford very readily recognized it.

The woman said that when they saw that they would be overtaken, they buried a pot of gold on the top of the hill, and placed a stone over the top of it. After saying this, she gently departed. And the next night at exactly the same time, she returned again as before, and the next, until she had appeared three nights in succession.

Mrs. Mulford was so strongly impressed of the truthfulness of the spirit that she wrote to a spiritual medium in Iowa, asking him if the lady in black would injure her in any way if they searched for the gold.

At last accounts, she had not received any answer. The circumstance has created quite an excitement in the neighborhood.

Cedarvale Blade.