Houses, City, Winfield

8a1302 Grant Stafford Home "Edgewood", 1209 Menor

Article: Stafford Residence to Become Southwest's First Tourist Home

This house was originally built by M. L. Read, the proprietor of Read's Bank. This was the second bank in Winfield, but the first brick structure. An article in the Winfield Courier in 1885 stated that this house was the fine residence of Mr. Read's nephew Mart Robinson. Mr. Read's funeral was Oct. 3, 1892. I think that Mart Robinson died in 1888 or '89. There was, I think, another residence on the block that was occupied by Will Robinson, brother of Mart and nephew of M. L. Read. Will Robinson went on to become the president of the First National Bank of Winfield after a series of mergers and acquisitions. Here is a photo of Will Robinson as a grey headed senior citizen, leaning against the tellers cage at the 40th Anniversary of the opening of his uncle's bank in Winfield with the largest safe ever brought to southern Kansas.

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