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I enjoyed your site and have some information you may be interested in. My family owns the only known surviving Old's Electric. The one in question was one of R.E. Olds personal vehicles and was not destroyed in the Olds factory fire. There are indications there was one other electric that was spared, but its
whereabouts can't be confirmed. We have pictures of our car in the 1903 Detroit parade on Bell Isle with Olds at the tiller, well after the factory fire. When Olds left to start his own company, there were legal problems between he and the financial backers of his original company. One letter of correspondence from an
Attorney to Olds makes mention of two vehicles that Olds took with him when he left that his former backers believed were the company's and not Olds'. The letter mentions the "large electric vehicle" in possesion by Olds that the backers wanted returned. My dad and uncle loaned the car to Oldsmobile where it was placed on display at the Olds 100 year anniversary in Lansing a couple of years ago. I can be reached at if you would like to know more. I have an article and pictures of the car that I would be happy to send you.

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