May 6, 2005
Austin, Texas

Thank you for joining us last week at the Austin 3d Users Group meeting at ACC, and thanks to Bob McGoldrick for hosting the meeting..

Many of you expressed interest in Adam Duran's presentation of Right Hemisphere's Technology which allows you to publish and distribute your 3D stuff in a PDF or a Power Point! Here are some links that will let you perform most of what Adam showed at the meeting. Be careful, this stuff is simple but still a little tricky. Send me email if this isn't clear or if it doesn't work properly. (

To see the background of this technology go to the 3D Industry Forum (3DIF) web site. Much of this site is open only to members but you can see the public part. This is the governing organization for the Universal 3D (u3d pronounced "you threed" if guess?) file format.

To find out more about the Right Hemisphere Technology behind Adobe Acrobat 7.0, and How to Create a U3D file!

The Disk Brake PDF example
that Adam showed came from a 32 meg ProEngineer file that was converted by Deep Publish an put in an Adobe Acrobat 7 file. Check it Out! When the document first comes up the picture looks like a simple exploded view with bubbles and a bill of materials. Click on it! It will change to a shaded solid view as in the jpeg screen capture at the left. When the solid view appears, left click and drag and the view will change, above, below, behind, however you want to view it. The middle roller zooms. Then click on the text "play animation" below the picture and the brake assembly will explode itself. The list of 10 steps on the lower half of the page each have a link "remove" that will remove the named part from the assembly. This is a dynamite file to show your friends and co-workers. Be sure to check out the system requirements below.

Three other PDF examples of Technical Documentation are:

To view the files you will need the Acrobat 7 Reader. Here's the link to download and install the Acrobat 7 Reader on your system. It requires Windows 2000 (and up) or XP. Click below to download!

There are other demos of Computer Based Training, Sales and Marketing Demonstrations, Enterprise Media Management, Technical Illustration and Architectural Demos on the Right Hemisphere web site:

To make your own PDF files you will need Acrobat 7 Professional

To make your own U3D files to place in Acrobat 7 Professional you will need Deep Exploration, from Right Hemisphere. This a very useful tool to have in your box, I have even used it to clean up old Max 2 files so they will load in Max 7. To Download a 30 Day trial of Deep Exploration, which allows you to view and manipulate your MAX and other 3d file formats click below.
If you find it usefull and want to buy is contact Jamie Crawford and she will get the authorization code for you. List price is $149.00 Special Price to our Austin 3D Users Group Special! Deep Exploration $ 99 & Deep Publish $ 99 Valid until June 1.

If you want to publish U3D files in your Microsoft Office™ Suite you will need to use Deep Publish™. This product runs within Power Point, Word, Excel, etc. There are a lot of benefits to running and showing 3D content in Power Point rather than in the native program that created the object. Deep Publish™ empowers users with even basic computer skills to create and deploy 3D graphics in documents and presentations using industry standard desktop applications, Microsoft Office (PowerPoint™, Word™ and Excel™), as well as converting these applications with 3D into an Adobe Acrobat PDF in one click.

If you want to create a complete, interactive 3D environment you will need Deep Creator™. If you think this looks like a game development system, remember that the phrase in industry is "simulation environment" and the player is a free, royalty free download. DirectX 9 is required. The demo page from Right Hemisphere is:

A really nice example of an F16 that fires missles and drops bombs is:

The Deep Creator 30 Day Trial download is:

Please let us know if you have any specific questions. We'd be happy to discuss the Right Hemisphere Technology with you in more detail.

Bill Bottorff


Austin Business Computers
Austin, Texas