Save the Date- Wednesday , December 3rd from 3:00 to 6:00 at Dave & Buster's

This year 3December, the annual "celebration of 3D CG and the artists who create them" will be ten years
old. Celebrate with us at 3December Online, presented by the AREA.

Austin, Texas - Wednesday, December 3rd from 3:00 to 6:00 at Dave & Buster's
Dave and Buster's, 9333 Research Boulevard, Austin, TX 78759
Check In 3 p.m. - Event 3:30 - 6:p.m.
We have to get out of the Showroom at 6:00, you can play games till you run out of plays, or 11:00 PM.
Seating is limited. Fajitas, drinks and lots of game plays (double plays on Wednesdays).
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Speaker Lineup

Erik Mckenney
and Paul Lembcke,
Senior Environment Artist at Renegade Kid
Formerly an Environment artist at KingsIsle Entertainment
Erik and Paul will show and tell about their Prize Winning (they hope) entry into the Game Artisans UnEarthly Challange. This is a geographically dispersed team working together to move forward the state of the art of Game Environment Design.

Rob Galanakis,
Technical Animator at BioWare Austin
Rob will show how to rig inside of Max with Puppet Shop.

Crispin Broadhurst
Motion Capture Supervisor at Motus Digital
Crispin will how he does Facial Capture in the Motion Capture studio.

Josh Carey
Rigging Supervisor at Reel FX Entertainment
Josh will show examples of his animation in Sony's Open Season II .

Speaker Bios
Erik Mckenney

My name is Erik McKenney. I am a Senior Environment Artist. I’ve been in the industry for eight years. I have a degree in Graphic Design from the Junior College of Albany and a degree in Digital Media from Full Sail. I mainly work in 3DS Max, Zbrush and Photoshop. Over the last 8 years I have worked for such companies as Acclaim Entertainment, Atomic Games, KingsIsle Entertainment and currently with Renegade Kid LLC. My development experiences have been with PC, Playstation 2, Xbox, Gamecube, Arcade and Nintendo DS. Shipped titles include: Turok: Evolution, NBA JAM, Showdown: Legends of Wrestling, The Red Star and Wizard 101.

Paul Lembcke
My name is Paul Lembcke, and I’m currently leaving in Austin Texas. I have close to 2 years in the Game Industry. Before coming to Austin I attended Collins College in Tempe Arizona, and earned my Associates of Occupational Studies in Animation. There I was taught by former Fox Animation artist and some of my teachers worked at Westwood Studios and Rainbow Studios. I’m very proud and happy to be apart of this very creative and fulfilling field. Knowing that I have worked with creators of some of my favorite video game franchises like Doom, Wolfenstein, and Metroid always brings a smile to my face.

Crispin Broadhurst
Crispin Broadhurst has been a musician, artist and animator since childhood. His dad was an exceptional artist and illustrator working at McCann Erickson, and Crispin took full advantage of all the art supplies, animation disc and light table in the house growing up. He created the first ever fully mocap and CG music video for Master “P”, and has done mocap and animation work for ID’s latest project “Rage” as well as several of Midway’s recent games. He also worked on the E3 cinema for Microsoft/Wideload’s “Stubbs the Zombie”, “Pippa Funnel” for Ubisoft (utilizing horse mocap), and has done a wealth of custom rigging and editing. Crispin also supervised mocap sessions, animation, and rigging for Acclaim’s “All Star Baseball” games. His work on “The Night of the Headless Horseman” for FOX in 1999, including facial and horse motion capture, earned him a spot and interview on the Vicon show reel that year.

Rob Galanakis
I'm Rob Galanakis and I am a Technical Animator at BioWare Austin
working on The Old Republic MMO.  I graduated from Pratt Institute in
Brooklyn, NY with a BFA in Computer Animation.  I mostly work in Max and
Photoshop, developing tools and pipelines.  I am also an administrator
and co-founder of .

Josh Carey
Josh Carey is the Rigging Supervisor at Reel FX Creative Studios in Dallas, Texas. While at Reel FX, he has rigged and supervised the rigging on projects such as Open Season 2, Kung Fu Panda CP and DVD work, Madagascar 2 CP work, ABC's "Princess" and "Snow 2" movies, and Escape from Planet Earth. Before Reel FX, Josh has worked in the game industry at KingsIsle Entertainment on an MMO project developing the character pipeline and acting as the bridge between artists and programmers. He also worked at The Animation Farm in Austin, TX, where he carried many hats with rigging, modeling, and animating on projects such as Wideload's Stubbs the Zombie, some projects for Disney, MTV commercials (which won a 2008 Telly award), Biscuit Brothers (which won an Emmy), cinemas for Terminal Reality, and much more. Over the years, he has developed good relationships across the industry while rigging and consulting for clients such as Megasquad, Gentle Giant Studios, Lockheed Martin, Synergy Productions, and Motus Digital. In 2005, he contributed to the book by Brad Clark, John Hood, and Joe Harkins, Inspired 3D: Advanced Rigging and Deformations, with a chapter on facial rigging. Josh continues his drive for pushing technology, techniques, and has a vision to share that knowledge with others.
Josh can be contacted by email through his website at joshuac @

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