3December Event
7:00pm Tuesday, Dec. 11
at the Edge of Reality in Austin, TX

6500 River Place Blvd, Building 5, Suite 300, 78730

December 3, 2007 was the 9th annual 3December Event celebrating the founding of Alias, 24 years ago on 3 December, 1983. For those who make their living today in the world of 3D this day holds special significance.

We enjoyed County Line Barbeque, compliments of Autodesk and Austin Business Computers, and there were complimentary T Shirts and 3D Glasses from Autodesk.

Thanks to Mike Panoff and Alan Johnson of Edge of Reality for setting up the company cafeteria for our meeting. Edge indeed has a very elegant new facility here in Rivers Edge.

Many thanks also to Brad Clark for being our Master of Ceremonies and also presenting on MotionBuilder.
The Main Presentation on the new features of Maya was by Steven Roselle, Application Engineer from Autodesk.

Dr. Timothy Rowe, head of the Vertebrate Paleontology Lab at UT showed off the DigiMorph project at UT which has done 3D CT scans of over a thousand critters.
A good example is Moloch  horridus or Thorny Devil. The 3d scans are viewable in skeleton only and with skin. Pretty neat stuff for artists looking for new ideas. Many of the DigiMorph specimens (some very famous ones) have been scanned from solid rock. This is worth a look.
For Reference see:
Mammals and Their Extinct Relatives
Lizards, Snakes and Their Relatives
These will make some of the coooolest 3d models yet. Tim is working to get some models up and going on the TurboSquid Tentacles site so they will be directly available from 3ds Max 2008. He and his students are anxious to see some of you Animation Geniuses do your magic on one of these guys.

Use the 3d glasses provided courtesy Autodesk to view this image.

And then Steven Roselle will show us the new features of Maya 2008.

Brad Clark presented a short portion of the The Character Animator Toolkit for Motion Builder http://www.autodesk.com/mini-sites/siggraph2007/classes.html#mc8 masterclass he and Chad Moore gave at SIGGRAPH 2007, showing a set of rigging and technical tricks in MotionBuilder to allow animators use the default rig faster and easier. Some tricks included using "local" views to show only the needed attributes on objects, setting up the default transform manipulators on controllers and how to adjust the display mesh of each control object to make it easier to see. 

Links of interest to 3D folks
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  2. The Design Community The Autodesk Site for Designers

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