2700 W. Anderson Lane
3:00 to 6:00

3December 2010 in Austin, TX

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Event schedule:

        Preshow and sign in
        Autodesk Business /announcements etc

        Presenter 1: Johnathan Vought- environment creation for Brave Arms, first person shooter Facebook game.
        Presenter 2: Don Hogan - Artist empowerment through tech art.
          short break/give away/switches
        Presenter 3: Criticalmass - Behind the Scenes of Tron the game.

4:15-4:30                        Break    mid point,
       Presenter 4: Jonathan de la Luz - The forgotten art of Storytelling for games and beyond.
          short break
        Presenter 5: Steven Roselle - Stereo 3d workflow with Maya
        Presenter 6: Michael Cawood- Managing a film across the internet-making of 'Devils, Angels & Dating'

5:45- Wrap up , Thanks etc.
6:00 - That's All Folks!

Afterwards - Come next door to Cover 3 to talk or drink or just say hi.


Presentations By:


Johnathon Vought:
Radioactive Labs Entertainment

We are a full service game and animation studio. For games we've done concepts,
assets, whole games, and cinematics.
For animation, we've done 3d visual effects and compositing for film, TV,
web, and print.

We also host training classes on site at our studio.

Michael Cawood - Director of 'Devils, Angels & Dating' a CG Short Film

Michael Cawood has been working in animation for over a decade with a career
spanning Film, Commercials, Games and Short films. 
Highlights include working on the Oscar winning Happy Feet, Prince Caspain, and serving lead
roles on games like Kameo and Starfox Adventures. Today Michael is working
as a Lead Animator while he directs his short animated film in his free time
online with a team of exceptionally talented volunteer artists. 'Devils,
Angels & Dating' is about half way through production and Michael will be
talking about the unique challenges of managing a film across the internet.


Founded in 2003, Critical Mass Interactive is an Austin-based media production company specializing in development and production of videogames, commercial broadcasts, and feature film projects.

Our mission is to create and deliver innovative and memorable entertainment. From videogames to film, we're passionate about producing an unforgettable experience.We earned our reputation by reliably providing high-quality outsource programming, art, and design solutions for video game companies, including Disney, Electronic Arts, Midway, NCsoft, Sega, Sony, THQ, Universal, and many others. As a result, we understand what it takes to make a great product, and are dedicated to producing impressive, creative results.

Steven Roselle - Autodesk
"Steven began his career in 1996 as a 3D generalist working on a wide variety of projects ranging from broadcast graphics, to medical visualization, to video games. In his current role at Autodesk as a games focused Solutions Specialist, Steven has had the opportunity to work with a long list of game developers using Autodesk products for game content creation.
Above and beyond simply demonstrating the power of Maya, Motion Builder and Mudbox, his job involves workflow development, pipeline integration and tools customization, as well as working as a liaison between game developers and the Autodesk product development teams."


Jonathan de la Luz has been in motion picture industry over 30 years as a writer-producer and production/ financial consultant working with various studios and independent production companies.

Jonathan produced his first movie, the cult classic, MEET THE HOLLOWHEADS (aka LIFE ON THE EDGE) in 1989.  It was directed by legendary make-up special effects pioneer, Tom Berman (THE GOONIES)

In 2000 Jonathan, as an entrepreneur, created Azisa Pictures. This company made use of cutting edge digital technologies to create high quality independent films utilizing a host of varied locations. "The truth is," says de la Luz,  "the whole world is our back-lot."  

One of the results was, THE HUNT, which Jonathan co-wrote the story and screenplay also co-produced.  Azisa Pictures first movie undertaking.  Released by Image Entertainment, it was directed by Fritz Kiersch (CHILDREN OF THE CORN) and Executive Produced by Gray Frederickson (Oscar winner for Best Picture, GODFATHER II) and business entrepreneur John Simonelli.
Jonathan also wrote the screenplay, produced and directed the follow-up production entitled AGENDA, which is a unique contemporary feature film noir murder-mystery-thriller.  Both films received several awards.
Jonathan is also a member of the British Academy of Film and Television Arts, Los Angeles and Austin Film Society.
The Forgotten Art Of Storytelling

The star makes the movie - other times, the movie make the star.  But who makes the story the movie tells?  --Nobody knows when the first story was actually told. Did it happen in the gloomy recess of a cave around a flickering fire told by a primitive hunter?  If so, we haven't ventured very far from that cave.
Many historians and psychologists believe that storytelling is one of the many things that define and bind our humanity. Myths, legends of all kinds, fairy tales, trickster stories, fables, ghost tales, hero stories, and epic adventures.  Come and discover what the art of storytelling is all over again. Be inspired all over again.

Don Hogan

Don Hogan started his video game art career in 1997 with a contract doing pre-rendered animations for a Casper the Friendly Ghost PC game.
From there, he used his experience as an architect to start creating CG environments full-time for video games on both consoles and the PC.
During the last 13 years, Don has worked on the All Star Baseball and Turok franchises for Iguana / Acclaim, Retro Studios' Metroid series and the
Wizard101 MMO for KingsIsle Entertainment. While environments have remained the focus, he has also worked in technical art, animation and motion capture
and enjoys working with various game engines and new tech in his spare time.

An after-party will be held at  Cover 3 at 6:30:

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Morning Workshop
9:00 to 11:00 am  Rigging Dojo: Rigging Basics Boot Camp  (all skill ranges).

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Luncheon Workshop
11:30 to 1:30
Radioactive Labs: Demo reel secrets standing out and landing a job. 

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Afternoon Workshop
2:00 to 4:00
pm The Dynamic Animator: Intro to Animation Acting and animation critiques

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Location- Radioactive Labs new facility at
1714 Fort View Rd. in South Austin, just north of Ben White Blvd.

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