Austin 3D Users Group Meeting
October 29th, 2008 at 6:30 at Rio Grande Mexican Restaurant (hit refresh to re-run the animation)
301 San Jacinto Blvd. Downtown Austin

We will meet downtown at the Rio at 301 San Jacinto.

We will start off the evening with some “show and tell” from the world of Architecture by Patrick Byers. Then we'll move on to Character Animation for films. Our first presentation, by Marco Valenzuela will demonstrate the added level of detail required by film, and the other by Jorma Auburn and Brad Clark (hopefully) two expert members of our group who will give an overview of the workflow process for film character development and animation. Among other things, Brad is renowned as the Motion Editor for Gollum in the "The Twin Towers" episode of The Lord of The Rings.

Brad has also donated a book to be given away at our meeting: Mocap for Artists: Workflow and Techniques for Motion Capture


For more information contact:
Bill Bottorff
Austin Business Computers, Inc.


  1. Brad Clark on Linkedin

  2. Brad Clark Interview from 2003

  3. "Inspired 3D Advanced Rigging and Deformations" book by Brad Clark

Other Stuff:

Some other happenings in the world of 3D:
Autodesk acquires Softimage from Avid

And a guy here in Austin, Clayton Clabaugh [bootstrap-austin], who is representing a printing company in Korea, JS Publishing, who make and distribute Kobook 3-D Books. This seems to be another creative avenue for those of you seeking new ways of presenting 3-D. Who knows, maybe a 3-D cutout graphic novel???

 If you haven’t noticed, all of the new Samsung and Mitsubishi TV’s have a port for 3d LCD Shutter Glasses. Also, Mitsubishi is also showing a prototype “no glasses” 3D television system.