3d Austin Users Group Meeting
Wednesday, October 28, 6:30 pm at
El Mercado, 1702 Lavaca, Austin, TX

The main presentation will be by Brooke Hailey from Mixamo. Brooke will talk about how you can get up and animated really quickly with the Mixamo online system. Take a look at their website, Mixamo.com and see what they can do for you. It is a really efficient system of taking motion capture files in their library and using their automatic system to map the motion to your character. And it is cheap enough for an individual to use on a home project. You will not want to miss this meeting.
And then we will have "Show Your Stuff".
Brad Clark says:
There should be some extra time if some one wants to demo some work and have an open critique night.. just ask that they pick the best work and have it ready to show with no special image views or video players needed.
Johnathon Vought of Radioactive Labs will show their mew game they developed for Cisco to teach executive how to build an empire made with Cisco Routers and Hubs and Stuff. It won’t be long, but is will show a new revenue source for game developers. Publishers are not the only people willing to write checks for good computer games.
  • Larry Kleinkemper, President

  • Brad Clark, Program Chairman

  • Joe Pizzini, Web Master

  •     3d Austin web site

  • Cheers!

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