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EVENT DETAILS: The October meeting of the Austin 3D Users' Group will be held at the Austin Game Conference!


This month's meeting is being held at the Austin Convention Center on Friday October 28th . The meeting starts at 4:30 in meeting room 1 and will feature a discussion on the new release of 3DS Max 8.

Thanks to our friends at the Austin Game Conference We have secured a special discount rate for 3D User Group Members attending the third annual Austin Game Conference on October 27-28, 2005.

Enter this promotional code, AGI523548 in your online registration form and you will immediately save 10%. Registration can be accessed by logging on to

The AGC's registration servers suffered a hit by Hurricane Wilma.  If you were unable to register, please bring your code to the check-in booth and let them know that you experienced difficulty.


Here are some of the conference highlights:


2,000+ software developers, 120 Speakers, 60+ sessions in 10+ companies recruiting.  
Microsoft / Xbox 360 will hold in-depth presentations covering Xbox 360Live/Marketplace, XNA studio and Next-Gen Graphics on Vista
Career Pavilion, More than 10 companies recruiting including, Microsoft, Sony & Electronic Arts.
Official Conference Party sponsored by K2 Networks Inc. - a not to be missed event.
Free Beer on Thursday afternoon in the Attendee Lounge Sponsored by Mythic Entertainment

We look forward to seeing you at the conference! 

(more details about the meeting below)

Our agenda has evolved a bit.  Because Autodesk will have a topic on Max 8 in the same conference room directly before the Users’ Group meeting, we will have a two-part event.  First will be a presentation by Johnathon Vought on the new pelt mapping tool, render to texture, and normal mapping.  The Autodesk CG Specialist, Vincent Brisebois (who some of you may remember did the demo on Max 7.5 and Combustion 4) will be on hand to answer questions.  We will have handouts for everyone to take home, and reference materials available on the web

The second half of the meeting will feature a panel discussion by some of our more seasoned professional group members:  Aaron Smischney (Midway Studios Austin), Johnathon Vought (Radioactive Labs, ACC), Doug Prince (Studio Fabuloso, ACC) , and Randy Polk (Metaman Productions, ACC).   We’ll discuss some of the new features and talk about how they will impact our workflow.  Please join us!  We will be giving out FREE Austin 3dUG Tshirts to our members.  : )

We usually have time at our meetings for show-and-tell and demo reels, but this meeting will only last an hour, so there won’t be enough time for everyone to share.  In the spirit of the Austin 3dUG, we'll also have a slideshow of UG members' work at the beginning and end of the presentation.

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