Austin 3d Users Group
Oct. 27, 2004

Everyone, This Wednesday! 6:30 IC2 - 2815 San Gabriel (off N. Lamar)

More Info: Friday, Aaron Thibault invited me over to IC2 Institute to preview the facility and their project. Aliza Gold is the Senior Producer on the NERO ( Neuro-Evolved Robotic Operatives) project. Ken Stanley was out of town but his team gave us a nice run through. If you are interested in Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Games this will be a must see meeting on Wednesday. They have developed the code for Intelligent Automata that can learn at an alarming rate and overun your defenses unless you are on guard. Now the team is seeking volunteers with industry experience in game development and publishing to act as advisors. Eventually they would like to become part of the Austin Technolory Incubator and license the code. This is a great opportunity to meet some of the brightest new minds in the business and help them get started them the right direction. They have a really nice facility up on the third floor.

Austin 3d Users Group Meeting Wed. October 27, 6:30
New Location: IC2 Institute The University of Texas at Austin 2815 San Gabriel Austin, Texas 78705
phone: 512-475-8900 fax: 512-475-8901 email: web:
Map and Directions
Many thanks to our member Aaron Thibault for making arrange for us to meet at IC2.
On the agenda are:

Hondo Branson, a new Max user will show his WH40K Dreadnought modification and some other new projects he has embarked upon with his newly acquired digital skills.

Egan Jones from UT will take us through the process of creating "cloth". Egan will be demonstrating clothfx, a cloth simulation plugin for 3dsmax. His presentation will walk us through the plugin interface as we create, manipulate, and animate clothing in 3dsmax. More info on clothfx can be found at:

Aaron Thibault is the Digital Media Coordinator for The Digital Media CoLaboratory. The Lab is part of the IC2 Institute at UT-Austin. They do research, development and commercialization. Aaron's students will be presenting NERO, a game prototype that uses AI created in our lab. The Lab links game pros, researchers and producers in the experimental lab where the meeting will take place. Lead presenter on the NERO project will be Ken Stanley, creator of the AI research used in this game.
About the Digital Media CoLaboratory
The DMC Web Site

See you Wednesday

Bill Bottorff
Austin Business Computers, Inc.

Note: Our next normally scheduled meeting on the last Wed. of this month would fall on Thanksgiving Eve. We will not have that meeting. Instead we will have a MAX 7 meeting on Dec 15, to get a formal presentation by an artist from Discreet to show us the inside tricks and capabilities of MAX 7.

Last week's meeting:
Many thanks to all you who helped with last weeks meeting. Thanks to Hondo Branson who showed us what a new guy can accomplish in a short time with MAX. He showed a great demo reel. Thanks to Egan Jones for a really well done, simple presentation on how to properly dress your characters in cloth. This should provide all who attended with a headstart in fitting up their new character with properly fitted attair.

And last, but not least, Aaron Thibault and the folks at IC2 Institute at UT for use of their facilities for our meeting, and to Aliza Gold, the Senior Producter on the NERO ( Neuro-Evolved Robotic Operatives) project, to Ken Stanley, the lead researcher and to their team of student volunteers who are builing the system. Note: they are seeking industry volunteers to help with the implementation of the system. They specifically are looking for 3d artists. Contact Aliza Gold

From Dr. Ken Stanley
Hi Bill,
Sure absolutely...I'm glad people thought it was interesting. Here are some links:
My homepage:
NEAT Users Page:
NEAT Users Group:
(note the NEAT-related pages generally refer to NEAT and
not rtNEAT)
Official NERO site:
I am happy to receive any comments or questions
See you all December 15! Location to be Announced.
Bill Bottorff
Austin Business Computers, Inc.

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