Wednesday - October 25, 2006 6:30 pm at ITT

The theme for this is meeting is "Beyond Entertainment". A great many of our members work in the production of various forms of digital entertainment media, movies, computer games, interactive webs sites etc. Over the past dozen years the entertainment applications of 3D have developed many revolutionary methods that are unique, innovative and "awesome". This month we would like to look at how these methods might be applied to traditional Commerce and Industry. The major areas have been business presentations and communications. Now we are seeing more and more of the tricks and techniques of digital entertainment being directly to the production of revenue streams.

Call or email me to add your show and tell to this program. Bill Bottorff 512-328-4747

John Funk - A preview of his new live action 3d horror short movie. (for Halloween) and how 3ds Max was used for titles and special effects.
Egan Jones - 3D in Flash for Training
Luke Gustafson - 3D Interactive Marketing and Training Applications
Brad Glendenning - What industry is looking for in 3d skills

Bijoy Goswami - Will give a talk on his Bootstrap Austin organization which is an open source community of entrepreneurs building companies the old-fashioned way - with little to no startup capital. The group has evolved into the Bootstrap Network with chapters in multiple cities. Bijoy believes bootstrapping is not just for young companies, but can serve as the basis for innovation at large ones. He has created a total innovation program, including a Bootstrap Bootcamp, to help large companies become nimble - like they were when their founders started them. His first book is "The Human Fabric" and he is working on the second "Demo/Sell/Build". Both books serve to provide details of the ideas that he has developed over the last 20 years. After growing up in India, Taiwan and Hong Kong Bijoy attended Stanford University and then worked at Trilogy Software. He is now CEO of AVRI, his own company here in Austin.

The main presentation will be made by Adam Duran of Right Hemisphere showing how to use 3d assets that have already been built in CAD systems with Deep Exploration, Deep Creator and Deep Server products.

Catering arrangements made by April Orr of An Affair to Remember of Austin. 743-7285 (we will eat well!)

The location is:
6330 Highway 290 East, Suite 150
Austin, TX 78723
(512) 467-6800 or Toll Free (800) 431-0677
This is at I35 and 290 East as show below.

Bill Bottorff
Austin Business Computers, Inc.

Our meetings are on the Last Wednesday of the month.

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