3d Austin Users Group Meeting
Wed., September 29, 2010 6:30 pm at
The Art Department - TAD, Austin, TX

This month we will be visiting Jason Manley at the Austin POD of  The Art Department, located across from the Hilton downtown at Fifth and Neches, officially 503 Neches.

Jason will talk about 2d side of 3d production ...texturing, concepting for entertainment.. along with a short bit on the The Art Department (TAD) school program.

Jason is the founder of Conceptart.org, The Art Department, One Big Mob, CA Social and previously President Of Massive Black Inc. He is responsible for Massive Black's company vision and successful business development model and all business vision elated to his companies. He has helped Massive Black to amass the largest client list in the industry, including all 20 of the top 20 video game publishers and more than 175 other studios and corporations. His previous clients have included: id software, Activision, Black Isle Studios, and Microsoft. He currently lives in San Francisco/Bangkok/Shanghai/Austin with his amazing duggle duggs and two wild animals. He used to paint...nowadays he keeps the stable of artists at MB fed with high-profile projects and sneaks in an oil painting from time to time.

For more info see:


Jason Manley [jmanley@theartdepartment.org]

See you there!
PICTURE >  What the TAD Building Looks Like

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