Wednesday - September 29, 2004

Everybody, this is a reminder that our monthly meeting of the Austin 3d Users Group. Our meetings are on the Last Wednesday of the month, which is next week, not today! Another more detailed announcement will follow next week.

Our meeting next week will be a preview of the new 3ds Max 7 from Discreet. For most of you this will be your first opportunity to see up close what this new version brings to your desktop. Discreet will have technical and marketing people at our meeting to show the new release and to tell what is new and important about it. Be sure to mark your calendar for next Wednesday night.

The meeting will be held at ITT Technical Institute They have a large classroom that will accommodate what we expect to be a fairly large crowd of over a hundred guests. Soft drinks and snacks will be available.

Josh Squires, Faculty Chair at ITT and director of Visual Communications has made the arrangements for this meeting and we greatly appreciate his enthusiastic help Sharon Mieher, head of Career Services is our other contact.

The location is:
6330 Highway 290 East, Suite 150
Austin, TX 78723
(512) 467-6800 or Toll Free (800) 431-0677
This is at I35 and 290 East as show below.

Bill Bottorff
Austin Business Computers, Inc.


Meeting September Austin 3d Users Group
first let thank all of the people who contributed to an exceptionally good meeting on Wed. night last. To ITT who supplied the giant multimedia room and equipment. To BOXX computers who brought their new GO BOXX so we could show our members work.
To our Show and Tellers, credits as follows:

Ken Thomson showed his reel with Battlestar Galacta et al

Student work (not in order)
Chris Vela - space ship
Craig Perkins -the devil
Josh Jensen - light saber battle with the robots
James Shipman - the worm hole and man juggling
DaveNash - the funny Blorb movie at the end

To Ruben Garza for his demo showing how quick and easy it is to develop Max Scripts to increase your productivity.

To Discreet for sending Kelcey Privett to do a knock-out presentation of some of the new features of 3ds Max 7.

For those of you who missed it, Kelcey took a very detailed monkey hand, with veins and wrinkles and bumps, made up of a 30,000 polygons and simplified it down to about 900 polygons. She used a new feature to simply brush away the polys from some areas and leave polys where needed for detail around the fingernails etc. Then she used the new Normal Mapping function to automatically produce a texture map that preserves bumps in 3d, projects the map onto the lo-poly hand that is now visually indistinguishable from the hi-poly hand.

A lively discussion continued throughout the presentation along with cheers and hurrahs for each new feature.

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