Austin 3d Users Group Meeting, Wed. August 31, 2005

Mark your calendar for the next Austin 3D Users’ group on August 31. To allow travel time we will not start the meeting until 7:30 PM. We’ll be traveling to Wimberley to see Locomotion’s Motion Capture studio. They’ll have the stage set up for a full demo, so it should be very interesting!

Continuing on our pipeline theme for this summer we will look at how motion is captured to be placed on our characters. We’ll get into the Mocap suit and capture some movements with a prop. Then Matt Hinterlong will take us through the basic cleanup process. Neat! If any of you are interested in carpooling, call Jamie at 328-4747 and she’ll work to coordinate that effort.

How to get to Locomotion:
Take Mopac south to 290 West to Dripping Springs
Go south (left at the first stoplight in Drippin’) on RR12 to Wimberley.
Go through Wimberley, cross over the Blanco river
Take a right on Wimberley Hills Drive
Take a right on Valley View Road
Locomotion is located at 108 S Valley View Rd.
Please use this map link, otherwise Yahoo or Mapquest may send you to a different Wimberley address. : )
The map you should see is below.

Matt will be sure to put out signs to help you find your way. . . .

Our local Ruben Garza of Autodesk Media & Entertainment will be demonstrating Peltmapping, a really quick new way to unwrap characters in the upcoming 3DS Max 8. Those of you who have spent hours unwrapping UVs will really appreciate this new tool for your pipeline.


Aldo Garza of Melee Software will be showing a short demo of his game project, a FPS/RTS hybrid: The Chronicles of Vince: Volume 1 Escape Year 1944

He’ll talk briefly about the tools and techniques they’re using in their pipeline.

Remember: because of travel time the meeting will start at 7:30 (instead of the normal 6:30 start time).