3d Austin Users Group Meeting
Wed., August 25, 2010 6:30 pm at
El Mercado, 1702 Lavaca, Austin, TX

3d Austin an AUUGA Group

Michele Berg, of 3Form will be presenting lighting and textures in real world environments.

Michele will talk about how to light translucent textures to get an even glow and other interesting tricks of the materials trade..

We will also have a review from Dan McFarland, our Austin ACM SIGGRAPH Chair on the recent SigGraph convention in San Diego.
Also see: SIGGRAPH papers on the Web. You should all look at this list to see the wide array of papers that were presented. Wow!

See you at El Mercado!


Bill Bottorff (bbott@ausbcomp.com)


3d Austin Users Group meets the last Wednesday of each month with some exceptions.

Sponsored by Austin Business Computers, Inc.

Larry Kleinkemper, President

Brad Clark, Program Chairman

Joe Pizzini, Patrick Byers Web Masters

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