Austin 3d Users Group, Aug. 25, 2004 - La Madeline

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Everybody, it is time again for our monthly séance known as the Austin 3d Users Group.
The meeting will convene at 6:30 PM, Aug. 25, next Wed. at La Madeline restaurant at 3418 N. Lamar, in Austin, TX. Our presenter for this meeting bailed because he accepted out of town work and thought that was more important than entertaining us. Would any of us do differently???

One of our number suggested that we have an orgy of self promotion and call it Portfolio Night. You have all weekend to put together your best work and bring it before the group. I will bring a VHS deck and we will have a computer with DVD, CD and USB digital thingie support. We have had excellent material the last two meetings and really squeezed the speakers for time, so this time we will just squeeze a little more and not notice the absence of the speaker.

Attention, producers and directors, this will be a great opportunity to see who is doing what kind of work. I know that several of you are about to launch new projects. This will be a unique to quickly see what kind of work is being done in Austin these days. Students, if you want to find an internship, bring your stuff. Unemployed artists, show it off. Employed artists, lets see what you've got. Specialists, riggers, character artists, level designers, Architects, who ever has work they have done in 3d show us what you do. Keep it short, no more than 5 min. or so. We will have sound.

If you have special needs give me a call.

La Madeline has a French menu in a cafeteria format. You can eat while you watch, then sneak back out for one of their scrumptious desserts. We will go from about 6:30 to 8:30 with conversation after.

Bill Bottorff
Austin Business Computers, Inc.

By request I have compiled a list of the presenters at our last meeting, Aug. 25, 2004 of the Austin 3d Users Group. These are not in any particular order.

Policarpo Wood <>; Frog Design
Please use: as my email address

Marla Smith <>; UT Visual Communications Dept.
Buildings and interiors. Self and Student work.

James Shipman <>;

Randy Polk <>;
Randy Polk 3D Artist/Director Online Portfolio:

Kurio, Floyd <>; DPS cars etc.

Brian Aldsworth <>;

Pat Chipman <>;
Digital Simulations 2211 South I.H. 35 Suite 210 Austin, TX 78741
512 448-1952 Ph 512 912-8965 Fax

Patrick Byers <>

Victor Garcia 512.699.2313
I am a Character Modelor/ Texture Artist here in Austin. My reel was the one with "no music" lots of models of Tractor, Old Pickup, farmer, etc
Here is link to my reel.

Notice: We are looking for a good place to hold our September 29th meeting of the Austin 3d Users Group. The program will be Discreet presentation of "Preview and Demo of 3ds Max version 7". We expect on the order of 100 attendees. Does anyone have any suggestions for a location. (minimal cost). Since Larry Kleinbecker has relocated we no longer have a person in charge of Meeting Locations, except me.

Call me 512-328-4747 or email.

Bill Bottorff
Austin Business Computers, Inc.

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