Austin 3D Users Group Meeting
Wed. July 30, 2008 at 6:30 pm at
El Mercado, Downtown, 1702 Lavaca

Hey Everybody, Larry Kleinkemper has taken over the task of setting up locations for our meetings and this month he has us booked at:
El Mercado, Downtown at 1702 Lavaca

This is the location of many of our meetings in the old days and this month is going to be a redeaux of sorts.

It has been 5 years since we met at El Mercado, but I am sure the food is as good as ever. They have Enchilada dinners and Tacos and Sizzling Fajitas. As they say "World Peace Through Tex-Mex". And we always do our part for world peace..

Presentations will be by:

  1. Marco Valenzuela - Portfolio and 3d Animation as viewed through 3d glasses, He may also show us some of his magic with Z-Brush.

  2. Zebra Imaging - The only company in the world that produces Digital Holograms will show some of their work.

  3. Quenton T. Fisher from Texas State Technical Institute will present his portfolio.

  4. Johnathon Vought of Radioactive Labs will show a process he has developed for building Nebulae.

  5. More to come - sign up now. Call me, or email what you would like to present.

Bill Bottorff

Austin Business Computers, Inc.

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F 512-306-0943

C 512-968-8192