3d Austin Users Group Meeting
Thursday, July 29, 2010 6:30 pm at
El Mercado, 1702 Lavaca, Austin, TX

3d Austin – an AUUGA Group

Note – Special Night – Thursday, (NOT Wednesday)

This is because our main speaker, Trent Moore teaches on Wednesday evenings and we have changed our meeting night to accommodate his schedule.

It will be worth it!

Training your characters to act!

Trent Moore has been a professional stage and film actor for more than twenty years, and he has been an acting coach for over a decade. He teaches intensive acting courses for beginners and does private coaching for working professionals. His most recent Dynamic Animator workshop was held for the "Epic Mickey" team at Disney Interactive Studios.
Trent has always taken an “outside-in” approach to acting, He was one of the founders of Liminal Performance Group, a collective that was dedicated to the intensive study of physical techniques aimed at creating gripping performances. Liminal’s emphasis on precision and repeatability made their approach similar to that of an animator, and Trent continues to use this approach in his current work.
Trent has appeared in more than one hundred plays, films, television shows, and commercials. His most visible roles have been in the film No Country For Old Men, which won the SAG Award for Outstanding Performance by a Cast, and on the critically acclaimed television show Friday Night Lights.
Contact Trent for more information.
If you'd like to learn about Trent's coaching for live actors, visit thedynamicactor.com.

See you there!

Bill Bottorff (bbott@ausbcomp.com)


3d Austin Users Group meets the last Wednesday of each month with some exceptions.

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Larry Kleinkemper, President

Brad Clark, Program Chairman

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