Austin 3D Users' Group - Wednesday, June28, 2006 6:30pm at ITT on Highway 290 E (map below)

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June Users' Group meeting

First, big thanks to Steven Roselle of Autodesk  for the Maya and MotionBuilder demonstrations at the May meeting.  He did a great job & we are lucky to have him in Austin. 

For the June 3D Users' Group meeting we will have a variety of presentations. We will meet at ITT Technology Center, 6330 Highway 290 East Suite 150, Austin, TX 78723 at 6:30 pm.  Munchies and beverages will be provided.

Johnathon Vought will be giving us a preview of the upcoming Boot Camp at the Gemini School: "Learn to texture like the pros!  Uncover the secrets of artists in the movie and video game industries in Summer at Gemini's exclusive five-day 3ds Max Boot Camp. In this course, you'll work one-on-one with your instructor and take your skills to a new level with advanced texturing methods using key elements of 3ds Studio Max and Adobe Photoshop."  

Johnathon will cover some of his ubiquitous Render to Texture content, and will discuss how Gemini is working to level up local talent for film and games.  If you haven't seen the work from the folks at Gemini School and Big Sesh Studios ..take a look.  Roger Barcilon and Matt Stubbington are rooted firmly in the fine arts and have been developing student's technique for a long time...including instructing artists onsite at game studios.  Be sure to check out the work on the Big Sesh link.  You will surely recognize it. The best part?  We will be having our July meeting onsite at the Gemini School!  And our topic?  Art Direction.  : ) 


* UG member Toren Lehrmann will be sharing his contribution (created in 3DSMax) to the ArtSpark Festival 's winning Team Impromptu's Empires of Mars.  To see an example of Toren's work for this project, the Growler (vehicle) check out this pdf: You will need the most recent Adobe Reader (v7) to view this file in 3D.  He'll also share some stuff from other projects, including some of his Architectural Visualization work.   (In case you're wondering, Right Hemisphere's Deep Exploration was used to create these pdf files, as well as a Power Point presentation, in which you can view and rotate 3-D models.  What a neat presentation tool!)

* At the April meeting many of us saw long-time UG member TOM GUTHERY's presentation on medical animation.  This time he'll be bringing a 6-minute DVD of medical animation, non-medical animation, and some of his earlier film work (hand drawn animation).  See more of Tom's work at  If any of you have show-and-tell for the group please let us know and we'll be happy to accommodate you.

* Will O'Brien will be sharing some digital sculptures that he created (in Macromedia Infini-D) several years ago at Southwestern University, as well as some recent work from his Video Game class at ACC.

* Long-time UG member Marla Smith will also be sharing some of her students' architectural visualization work.  She's also helping us put together a Roundtable between Architects , Engineers, and Autodesk Development staff next month at the University of Texas School of Architecture.  This is a closed event by invitation only, so if you feel qualified to give feedback on this subject, and haven't received an invitation, please contact us.

* Marco Valenzuela will be sharing some cloth dynamics and rigging tools in Lightwave

Anyone with Show and Tell to add please let us know.  We'd love to see what our members are creating with their tools and talent.

Special pricing expires soon - contact Jamie for more information

Autodesk:  3DS Max 30% off upgrades with Subscription. Expires July 28

                  Maya 30% off upgrades with Membership. Expires July 28.

                           or..Free 3 month Trial Membership with Maya upgrade at regular price.  Expires August 14.

                  MotionBuilder 7.5 special crossgrade pricing from Motionbuilder standard to commercial.  Expires June 30

                *if you have older seats of 3DS Max or Maya, they may be upgradeable under a special promotion.  Contact us for more information.

Turbo Squid: $100.00 off ACAP plug-ins!  Expires June 30

Right Hemisphere: Special Introductory Offer!  Deep Exploration 4.0 CAD Edition upgrade from DE STD 3.5- $999 US! Expires June 30

                               Deep Exploration 4.0 CAD Edition upgrade from DE STD 3.5 and one of the former CAD modules- $699 US! Expires June 30

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Upcoming meetings:

Our plan for upcoming meetings includes:

*July 26th Meeting on Art Direction at the Gemini School

*We also hope to hold a Users' Group meeting at the Tx Indie Games Conference, which takes place July 22-23 here in Austin, as well as at the Austin Game Conference, which takes place on September 6-7-8, 2006. 

If any of you have content to share or suggested material to cover, please don't be shy!  Give us a shout.



Be sure to check our Jobs and Opportunities page.  We have some new positions posted.  If you have a position you're trying to fill, send us a listing & we'll put it up.

We've had a few issues in the past with our group list, and continue to discover people who are not receiving these updates.  If you know anyone who we should check on, please let us know.  Invite your friends!  Let's keep Austin's 3D scene in motion. 

If you have more ideas for content, venue suggestions, or show and tell for the group, please let us know.


The meeting location is:
6330 Highway 290 East, Suite 150
Austin, TX 78723
(512) 467-6800 or Toll Free (800) 431-0677
This is at I35 and 290 East as show below.



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