Austin 3d Users Group, June 25, 2008
La Madeline at 3418 N. Lamar – 6:30 pm.

Hey Everybody, since Larry Kleinkemper got back in town he has taken over the task of setting up locations for our meetings and this month he has us booked at:
La Madeline at 3418 N. Lamar

This is the location of many of our meetings in the old days and this month is going to be a reunion of sorts.

It has been 4 years since we met at La Madeline, but I am sure the food is as good as ever. They have an informal cafeteria line and specialize in food of the French persuasion.

This meeting is to be our annual “Portfolio Night”, and extravaganza of self promotion and camaraderie.  Bring your best work and show it off! We will not have a main speaker, just lots of stuff from our group of gifted digital creators. I will bring my computer and a projector. Larry will bring his Sprint connection, so we will have a web connection. We will accommodate USB dongles, CD’s, DVD’s and VHS tapes. Call me if you need something else. Bring your own computer if you wish.

Give me a call (328-4747) or drop me email ( if you want to show off what you have been doing and you will be on the list. First come, first served.

So far we have:

1. John P. Funk showed his 3ds Max Animation for the Love Sonata's 5 play cycles that were performed at the new Long Center for the Performing Arts Center in the Rollins Studio Theater in May.
John produced over 40 minutes/50 unique files for the 5-LS shows. He demonstrated how he made oil paintings come alive with life, a 3D Virtual walk through the Dendur Temple/MET Museum in NY, outer space telescope views of a Comet and the M-51 galaxy, a nighttime Mountain scene with a Cosmic light show accompanying a Beethoven sonata and a underwater scene. All of the effects were done in Max 8 without any extra plug-ins and some Video comps in Sony Vegas 5. John will also discused how to get cool visual effects with some basic principles of 3D max. 

2. Denis Loubet presented some of the stuff he and the Pixel Miners have been working on. Specifically they have been working on Fireteam Reloaded (see review)He show how he build a roiling explosion with a torriod of smoke and a ball of fire, two intertwined particle system to produce an atomic like explosion. He also showed a plasma light produces with multiple particle systems into one complex effect. And he showed how he does walk cycles with only an 8 frame sequence. He does amazing effects in a very constrained game system.

3. Matt Mills showed his stuff for the first time and everyone was suitable impressed. Look at his online portfolio and see what he has produced., interview

4. Tom Guthery showed his soon to be famous "sucking chest wound" Tom's company MedFlix does medical animations.

5. Bryan Lym showed a series of architectural projects that his firm modeled with Max and rendered with Vray, Mental Ray and Maxwell Render.

 Thanks to everyone who helped with this meeting. It was exceptionally good!


Bill Bottorff
Austin Business Computers, Inc.