Austin 3d Users Group Meeting - Wed. May 28, at 6:30
ACC - Highland Business Center - 5930 Middle Fiskville Rd., Austin, TX 78752(see Map).
Room 301.0 (third floor)

The featured presentation this month will be Larry Kleinkemper, who has recently come back to Austin to join SHW Group, architects. Larry is a long time member of our group but has spent the last 4-1/2 years with HKS Inc. in Dallas and London, setting up their Design Visualization groups and setting them on a path as industry leaders. He also started a London 3d Users Group while there. At HKS Larry produced some phenomenal work and he will share his experiences with us. This will be a chance to see how they do 3D in the Big City.

Larry showed the visualizations of the new Patient Tower for the Hadassah Medical Center in Jerusalem, Israel, which was a highlight of his work at HKS. He was part of the team that produced a five minute film publicizing this project and helping raise funding. This project has won a bunch of architectural prizes and they even got Natalie Portman to narrate the film. Somehow Natalie was in New York and Larry was in London, so he missed out on actually being at the filming. Pat Carmichael was there and filled us in on all of the details.

Larry has done some incredible work since he left Austin and we are really glad to have him back in our own local 3d community.

Larry promised me a big surprise for this meeting and he surely delivered it. He got Pat Carmichael, Manager Advanced Technologies, HKS Inc. in Dallas to come down and present the first public showing of their new ARCHengine product. Pat is co-founder of and developer of ARCHengine which allows the architect and their client to experience the virtual building in exquisite immediacy, not only sitting in the seats of the new Texas Stadium and watching virtual players on the field, but ordering virtual hot dogs and going to the virtual restroom. Pat and HKS have modified and re-engineered the Unreal Tournament 3 engine from Epic Games, Inc. into a new and revolutionary tool for the architect and his clients. They can experience the new project in the same way that game players experience the environment of games such as "Deus Ex" and "Gears of War", popular games which are based on the Unreal Technology. This is a breakthrough technology with renders the multimillion poly project in real time. The new Texas Stadium model which we traversed was 15 million polygons, with real-time shadows, lighting and textures being rendered at 30 frames per second. We got to see what Jerry Jones had only recently experienced.

Many thanks to Larry and Pat for this opportunity to see what is coming next to the world of 3d.

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    5930 Middle Fiskville Rd., Austin, TX 78752