Next Meeting - April 27, 2011
Dave & Buster's - 6:30pm - 183 & MoPac

For our next 3d Austin AAUGA Group we will be at Dave and Busters on April 27, 2011 at 6:30 for an evening of meeting and greeting other artists and techies of the 3d world in Austin. It is a great place to show off you work and to see what others are doing. There is a lot of hiring going on in the 3d segment of Austin so come and make sure you know about it.

Koen Wooten - Concept Design & Storyboards for Film - On how it is crucial for production pipeline

Koen has been working as a Storyboard Artist for many years, and over 10 years’ experience in the Film Industry. He has worked on such films as Machete, Friday The 13th, The Hitcher, and many others. His experience has crossed over from live production to 3D as well. He will talk about how concept design and storyboard artists are key to any production pipeline, be that film, video games, or any creative industry.


Denis Loubet  - Not Just 3D but 2D Artist for games, spanning 30+ years.

Denis has been working in the game industry since 1979, starting with Steve Jackson Games. He was the Senior artist for the award winning Ultima series of computer role-playing games and the Wing Commander I and II computer games. He will do a show and tell of his artwork that he has made over the years.


Tom Guthery - 20 Years of Things That You Do Not Want to Happen to Your Body in Glorious 3D and Color


Rolf Mohr - On His 25 Years in The World of Digital 3D - From Learning "SONATA" as a real Architect to Digital Matt Paintings as a REEL architect.


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See you Wed. at Dave & Buster’s!


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