Austin 3D Users' Group - Wednesday, April 26  2006, at Buffet Palace on Anderson Ln 
Meeting Notes

This month's featured speaker was Michael Morlan.

Thanks to the Group from Michael:

I’d like to thank everyone who attended the April 3D Users' Group meeting. I’d not realized how few have been exposed to the latest off-the-shelf advances in camera tracking and 3D/live integration. I’m glad I could present something stimulating to the group.

Thanks, especially, to those who offered opinions on how to improve upon my visual effects work and to those who expressed interest in helping me finish “Stairway to Heaven.” I look forward to working with you.

Michael Morlan
512-791-4121 cell

About Michael:  Michael Morlan has been a 3D animator since 1989, using Wavefront Advanced Visualizer on $100,000 Silicon Graphics workstations to visualize architectural designs.  He went on to design broadcast graphics for the Houston market and write, direct, animate and edit narrative shorts for the late Origin Systems game development studio.  Having recently been expelled from the game industry after ten years, Michael is now working full time as a freelance director of photography.  Michael has been using 3D Studio Max since it was called “3d Studio Release 3.”

Michael will be presenting elements from his narrative short film “Stairway to Heaven” which includes fifty visual effects shots requiring luminance compositing, animated spline/paint rotoscoping, digital backlot and matte paintings, and camera tracking.  He be demonstrated the workflow involved in shot design and documentation, camera tracking of live footage, 3D scene prep, and compositing of a shot from “Stairway.”  One shot put the main character in the scene twice. Another involved compositing a CG background into a moving crane shot of the action. The camera path was extracted from the crane shot with some amazing software and the CG background matched up perfectly with no relative movement at all in the finished scene.

Afterwards, he extended a plea for help with finishing his masterpiece. If you would like to get on board and help Michael contact him at his current business

Tom Guthery, a long time UG member shared his medical animation work with us.  He brought a set of short pieces which included:

MS animation for the National MS Society
Immunology animation for Johnson & Johnson Pharmaceuticals
MS animation  for Biogen
Dental implant animation for Nobel Biocare
Dental animations for Doctor Consent

Brian Park also gave a "show & tell" about his Flogiston Chair and his new Flogiston head-mount immersive stereo display. Here are some links to material about Brian and his inventions.

Digital Convergence Initiative article on Flogiston Headmount Display

2006 Blog about the flogiston chair & Display

Float article on Flogiston Chair and display

Renaissance magazine article on Flogiston chair and display

1999 Article in New York Times on Flogiston Chair

1998 NASA article on Flogiston chair and Wrap around Display

May 1994, Wired Magazine article on Flogiston Chair

Turbo Squid  We also featured the Turbo Squid plug-in demo and shared our show specials with the group.  Turbo Squid has provided our 3D community with coupons for 100.00  off Autodesk Certified Animation Plug-ins!  We had some product information and eye candy to share. The Turbo Squid plugins created these great ACAP products.  Items with links will display sample movies.  File sizes are noted for your reference.  Most of our samples are too big to share on the web, but we will have them with us at the meeting.

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