Austin 3D Users Group Meeting -  Wed. March 28, 2007 at 6:30 pm
ITT Technology Center, 6330 Highway 290 East Suite 150, Austin, TX 78723.

Re-scheduled for next month: Tsuyoshi Kawahito of Third Wire Productions
Subject: 3D Modeling and Animation for Flight Simulator Games.

Luke Gustafson - DataHouse Studios
Jeffrey Wilson - Freelance Character Designer

Technical Presentation: Luke Gustafson of Datahouse Studios
Subject: Make Sure There Is A Return on Your 3D Investment

If you are designing your products with CAD you have already made the investment. Here you will see  how you can get a really big return on that investment. Luke will show advanced techniques from his experience in game development to create cinema quality interactive environments for advertising, publishing, training, troubleshooting, repairing and ordering your products. Luke's examples will thrill like a movie and educate like nothing you have seen! This is a new level of technical simulation.

Luke has designed an implemented a production pipeline which allows him to take CAD design data, convert it to 3ds Max models, light, texture map, detail the models into accurate representations of the products and then produce interactive media using these models. The first example below shows one of his early test models of a Dewalt power drill that will rotate, and disassemble on a web page.

The second model shows a large semiconductor manufacturing tool from Versa Corp. (a mythical company) which processes wafers in a clean room. The model is interactive on a web site through Flash and allows the user to drill down into the assembly to an individual part.

First the user is prompted to "click and activate" the first module, the Loader Module, for preventive maintenance.

Then the Loader Module is exposed for further examination. The user is cautioned to practice Safety First, since the system often uses poisonous gasses which can cause death and injury.

Then that subsystem is exposed to further scrutiny and examination. The user is provided with a series of 7 steps to be performed.

As the user "drill down" through the subassemblies he is directed and prompted to continue.

The user removes the 46599 Cap from the 85474A Table Casing.

And finally, the user is shown how to disconnect, lift out and remove Assembly 85474A from the Table Casing. All interactively and animated and in 3d. The other material he demonstrated is proprietary can cannot be shown yet.

Show and Tell
Jeffrey Wilson - Character Artist

Jeffrey recently moved to Austin from Los Angles and showed some of his work. See below:

First one (old man) is Copyright Eyetronics and is an Eyetronics scan remodeled in Maya and sculpted/painted in Zbrush

Second one (creature) is mine no need for copyright. done in maya textures done 100% in photoshop

Third one (ieles) is copyright Mutable Realms. modeled in 3ds max textured in Deep Paint 3d

Fourth (pigfish) is copyright Mutable Realms. modeled in 3ds max textured in Deep Paint 3d

Fifth (arnold) nurbs modeled in maya, available for purchase on turbo squid for $100

Jeffrey Ian Wilson
Freelance 3D Character Modeling & Training

ITT Technology Center, 6330 Highway 290 East Suite 150, Austin, TX 78723.

Bill Bottorff