Austin 3D Users Group Meeting -  Wed. Feb. 28, 2007 at 6:30 pm at ACC Highland Business Center
Room 201 (The Boardroom) - 5930 Middle Fiskville Rd., Austin, TX 78752(see Map).

Ariel Zarate, Coordinator of the ArtSpark Festival, gave a presentation on how to get involved in the 2007 Festival. It is sponsored each year by the HBMG Foundation. the deadline for application is March 31. This is important for your portfolio! The Prize Grants in 2005 were $6,000.00, in 2006 $10,000.00 and have not yet been announced for 2007, but they will be significant. (details below)

Headline Presentation:
Subject: 3D Animation for the UT Football Godzillatron
#1 Johnathon Vought (Radioactive Labs)
Covering: Modeling process, texturing, shading and rendering in HIDEF using He also showed the digital model of the new stadium configuration build by Garry Gaber (Escape Hatch Entertainment). Johnathon's team consisted of about ten guys who pulled this projects together very quickly before the first football game of the 2006 season.
#2 Fatmir Gjevudaj
Covering: Muscle Systems and Character Rigging for Lifelike Quadrapeds in 3ds Max. Fatmir used the "puppeteer" plug-in for Max to rig the longhorns. He showed the whole process of how to build the rig for this animation. Very impressive!
#3 Steve Collier (Earl Miller Productions)
Covering: Planning and Compositing of the final video. Steve showed how the production was modularized to allow quick changes of inserted videos and other production changes. The same basic production has been adaptedf has been adapted for the UT basketball team playing at the Erwin Center.

The 2007 ArtSpark Festival is a twelve week creative hullabaloo, beginning on May 21st and culminating on August 12th.

Teams of theatre artists and video game designers join forces with visual artists to develop new work in a pressure-cooker environment. Collaboration and creativity explode in this boundary breaking experiment that celebrates the creative process.

Public performances and showcases provide a forum for the participants to present their work and talk to their audiences about their experience. The winners of the ArtSpark Festival will walk away with a cash prize to fund the continued development of their new work

The Austin 3d Users Group has been an enthusiastic supporter of ArtSpark and last year Jamie Crawford and her team won the competition in 2006. James Shipman of our group was on the winning team in 2005. This is a great place for aspiring artists, actors and game developers to get real-world experience, reference and stuff for their portfolios and the winning team gets cash grants from the HBMG Foundation. See their web site for details.

Ariel Zarate Coordinator:
ArtSpark Application
512-248-9915 ext. 2632

For info. on the Austin 3d Users Group Call Bill Bottorff at Austin Business Computers, Inc. 512-328-4747

Map to meeting:

5930 Middle Fiskville Rd., Austin, TX 78752