Rapid Prototyping (3D printing)  -Wed Feb 22, 2006,  6:30 pm at CYBERJOCKS

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We’ll be having our meeting in a new venue this week.  It should be exciting!  CYBERJOCKS LANgaming center is of particular interest to the 3D community (aside from the obvious GAME factor) because they are working to set up a contract renderfarm service.  Why not?  With nearly 50 computers, it’s a perfect use of their resources during what would otherwise be downtime.  For those of you working on projects with long render times, this could be a great opportunity.  Talk to Gunnar Teltow at (512) 249-0909.  There may be some inviting pricing available while they’re working to get the word out.

Our topic will be Rapid Prototyping.  We’ve wanted to explore this subject for several months, and we plan to go into more depth during future meetings.  Brian Levy at Collectors Showcase  http://thecollectorsshowcase.com/ will be showing us some of his work.  He’ll be sharing the resin collectibles he creates using Maya, and will bring us some sample outputs, which are stereolithographic printouts of 3D models in ABS plastic.  For those of you who aren’t familiar with stereolithography, this is 3D printing!  Yes, you can print out your high poly models as real-life action figures.  Rapid Prototyping employs many technologies (additive processes such as stereolithography, and subtractive processes such as CNC machining) and is already widely used in manufacturing.  Come learn more about this exciting way to apply your 3D skills.

Another one of our members may bring examples of RP models created for the dental industry.  Bill Bottorff will bring a bronze cast of a prehistoric lizard (Lanthanotus borneensis, the earless "monitor" lizard from Borneo) created by taking a CAT scan of a fossil inside a rock.  Neat!  see more about this fossil here:  http://www.digimorph.org/resources/3dprinting.phtml

After the main topic, we’ll enjoy the facilities by trying out a Mod with ties to one of our members.  Johnathon Vought worked on the Battlefiled 1942 mod called Galactic Conquest. http://galactic-conquest.net/  He contributed to many of the models & textures, particularly the TIE Fighters and Imperial Walkers.  Gunnar will load the Mod on the LAN and we’ll jump in and give it a whirl.  Should be fun!

Also, Bill Kleinbecker wants to share information about a contest held by the Digital Convergence Initiative:


DCI Mobile Content Festival – CALL FOR ENTRIES

An experiment in film, gaming and application development for mobile devices. Austin, Texas, March 14th, 2006.

The DCI is looking to address the current influence of mobile devices on our culture. Mobile devices have had a tremendous effect on our society and we are interested in how that new audience might best be communicated to in this new medium. It is our belief that this new medium offers special consideration that have yet to be suitably identified; the least of which is viewing size. Other considerations for this new form are cost per download, as well ergonomic concerns, etc.

The Festival is looking for mobile content submissions that explore the mobile lifestyle. Submit your project now. Deadline is March 5th for Applications and Games, and March 1st for Films.

Presented by the Digital Convergence Initiative of the Texas Technology Corridor, Film San Antonio, Critical Mass Interactive, and ArtSpark.


In addition, The folks at Art Spark would like you to know about their Festival:


Got A Dream?  Get A Team!  This year the ArtSpark Festival has added a very cool twist: design a game for the 64 bit processor!  For 12 weeks starting on March 20 and going through June 13th, you and your team will get to design a new game, build a level and present it to the industry (and the folks at AMD).  Details at www.artspark.org.


Got A Dream?  Get A Team!  This year The ArtSpark Festival has an exciting program for Industrial Designers:  Design The Computer Of The Future!  For 12 weeks starting on March 20th and going through June 14th in Austin, Texas, you’ll get to conceptualize, prototype and present your new design – and win Cash Prizes!  Apply now at www.artspark.org.

They’ll be in attendance at the meeting to fill us in on the details.

These announcements have been added to Jamie’s Jobs & Opportunities page.  Be sure to check it periodically for updates job postings, contests, etc.  If you have any items to add to the listing, please let us know!

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