Austin 3D Users' Group meeting January 31, 2007 at 6:30pm

This month we have a special treat for those of you who want to learn how to build "Game Level" interactivity into your exciting 3D models and environments. We have 3 students from ACC to show how to make interactive computer games with your 3d stuff you have built in Max or Maya.

Eric  Davis will show us "Medical Records Rampage". You (the player) are a mail cart that goes around the clinic picking up medical records. Your objective is to bring the proper records to the desk of your boss and not get yelled at, which I understand is not easy to do.

Don DeGrasse will present "Andre's Ride" which is a Bus Driving game that involves kids at the bus stop.

Jeremy Ward will demonstrate his "AMC Gremlin off Road Adventure" in which you will be able to actually drive an AMC Gremlin off road, which could never happen except in an imaginary world of virtual reality in the computer.

All of these students are in Jonathan Vought's 3DS Max Class at ACC.

They use the free for use game engine from CanDoInteractive which you can preview at

See you next Wednesday, Jan. 31, 2007


ITT Technology Center, 6330 Highway 290 East Suite 150, Austin, TX 78723.

Bill Bottorff