Austin 3D Users Group Meeting -  Wed. January 30 at 6:30 pm
at the ITT Technology Center
6330 Highway 290 East, Suite 150, Austin, TX 78723

Our next meeting will be hosted by ITT Technology Center, just east of I35 on Hwy 290 East. It is about a block East side of I-35 on the West bound lane of 290 E.
Tom Guthery of Med Flix and Flix Productions will show some of his techniques of using Poser human models in 3ds Max for Medical Animations. He will tell how he uses his secret plug-ins to convert the models.

See you the 30th.
Bill Bottorff

Here are some images from Tom's web site and below are some specs on the plug-ins that he users.
Technical info on the poser plug-ins:
pCharacter Import for 3dsmax
Price: $39.95
pCharacter Import allows you to import rigged and weighted Daz3D models into 3dsmax. It supports morphs, textures, and material zones. The imported model can then be posed and animated in 3dsmax using standard max bones.
Import Daz3D models previously rigged for Poser into 3dsmax 4, 5, 6, 7, and 8.
Includes manually edited weight-maps for supported characters.
Import morphs when importing the model.
Import morphs at a later time onto a rigged model.
Import morphs from the cr2 file.
Import morphs from inject delta files (pz2).
Import morphs from injection pose files.
Import textures and materials from the cr2 file.
Import textures and materials from a MAT Pose file (pz2).
Copy textures to 3dsmax's map directory and resize.
Supports importing clothing onto an existing rig.
Video tutorials to help you get started quickly.
Poser is not required to use this plug-in.
BodyStudio 2.7 for 3ds max
Price: $ 179.00
BodyStudio seamlessly integrates Poser 3D character animation technology into Discreet 3ds max. This innovative plug-in allows 3ds max users to render and playback Poser animations.
Now With Added Support for Max 9, Poser 7, and Vista 32-bit!
Playback of Poser Animations from within 3ds max
Create your own animations in Poser, or use Poser's automatic walk designer! The geometry will animate and playback in Max.
Maintains link to Poser files
Make Changes Easy! After adjusting shaders or making additional modifiers in Max, you can still go back into Poser to change the figures position, the changes automatically update in Max!
Playback of Poser dynamic hair
With BodyStudio the dynamic hair from Poser will playback in Max
Playback of Poser dynamic cloth
With BodyStudio the dynamic cloth from Poser will playback in Max
Reload Poser files from within 3ds max
Instead of reloading your entire Max scene, you can just load the updated changes from Poser.
Shader Translation!
BodyStudio translates your Poser shaders to Max Shading Networks, and assigns them to the correct polygons on your characters. For easy transition, all of the base Poser shading parameters are translated into Max Shader Networks. including:
Object Color
Highlight Color
Ambient Color
Reflective Color
Color Maps
Transparency Maps
Transparency Min, Max, and Exponent
Bump Maps
Reflection Maps
and More!
Real World Scaling Presets
Presets for converting Poser characters from Poser's internal scaling to Max's scaling. You can also enter your own custom scale values
Tom Guthery
Flix Productions Medical Animation

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