Austin 3d Users Group Meeting
Wednesday, January 28 6:30 pm at
El Mercado, 1702 Lavaca

Andy Morris of Visual Aircraft, LLC

This is neat stuff. You start at the virtual aircraft 3d schematic above and drill down to the parts and assemblies below.
Andy says:

"Visual Aircraft helps aircraft pilots and maintainers perform more effectively by allowing them to interact with "virtual" aircraft, when the actual aircraft is not available for training. In some cases, the aircraft may not yet be built, or it is too difficult or expensive to acquire for classroom training purposes.

This practice can be thought of as an off-shoot of flight simulation, except that we simulate everything except flight, from a pilot running through a pre-flight checklist to a maintainer learning how to troubleshoot a fault.

We are the sole developers of this patent-pending technology for the world's leader in flight simulators, FlightSafety International, a Berkshire-Hathaway company."