Wednesday - January 26, 2005


Everyone, here is a summary of last weeks meeting and some infomation about our next two meetings.

The presentations started with Josh Squires' students from ITT who show their first projects and who also expressed their
interest in participating as interns in new projects. James Shipman showed his work along with Dave Nash
and Geobonni Ramirez Dave is aiming at the works of 30 second commercials and Geobonni showed some
nice concept work for a spaceship/space station envirionment for a proposed game.

Kevin Minke, Digital Media Design Instructor, Texas State Technical College Waco, Texas (254)867-3346 brought two of his students from TSTC Waco's Virtual Reality Program were Brian McLeland and Evan Gill. A former TSTC student, Patrick Beyers, who now has his own business, The Vision Company showed some of the Architectrual Rendering he has been doing for clients in Waco.

Randy Polk (Metaman Productions) started the main presentation with a set of slides defining the difference between concept art and the art developed for the project and showed how one could flow into the other. He stressed the ART
component of the concept art, how the look and feel could be illustrated using traditional methods and then used by importing into Max to develop models and environments.

Randy showed how his company MetaMan developed the concept and proposal for a game based training system to be used to train workers on offshore drilling platforms. Everyone grimmaced when one of the trainees walked into the tail rotor of a helicopter and lost an arm. I'm sure he'll remember that lesson!

John Funk present his developmental work on his new proposed television series and briefed the audiance on his approach to character development and preparing a first episode with real actors.

Gary Walker (TexFX) (Austin Business Journal article) then shared the building of the "Trailer" for High Moon a soon to be filmed (as finding becomes available) Austin Werewolf Western. The trailer was all animatic based on story boards with 5 seconds of action built with Combustion. Pretty impressive!


Everybody, our January 26 meeting will kick off a series of three meetings that will have the general theme of: "Starting Up". They will feature "start up" artwork.

We have had several requests from members for information on how to start up new projects, both art work and financial. We will concentrate on showing the art work we will talk about the other facets including financial.

The January meeting will be at ITT Tech Center (see map below) and Joshua Squires of ITT will have lots of his students in attendance. His students are Interns-In-Waiting ready to sign up for duty. Also, Bob McGoldrick of ACC has students ready for duty as interns.

Johnathon Vought is organizing these meetings which will be held January 26, February 23 and March 30. The January meeting will show small startup projects and will feature lots of images and art from our membership. If you have material you would like to show from your projects please contact Johnathon at 512-636-9269 or: Jonathan Vought <>

We would like to feature mid sized projects at the February meeting. Contact Johnathon Vought if you would like to be a presenter.

For the March 30 meeting we have signed up Gary Gaber who spent 10 years at Lucas Arts.
Six years as an artist and then as a project leader. Gary will share the startup art from some of his projects so everyone will see how the big boys do it.

The meeting will be held at ITT Technical Institute They have a large classroom that will accommodate what we expect to be a fairly large crowd of over a hundred guests. Soft drinks and snacks will be available.

Josh Squires, Faculty Chair at ITT and director of Visual Communications has made the arrangements for this meeting and we greatly appreciate his enthusiastic help Sharon Mieher, head of Career Services is our other contact.

The location is:
6330 Highway 290 East, Suite 150
Austin, TX 78723
(512) 467-6800 or Toll Free (800) 431-0677
This is at I35 and 290 East as show below.

Bill Bottorff
Austin Business Computers, Inc.

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